Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is a specialist sales and service organisation dedicated to the science of materials characterisation and are the exclusive Australian distributor for the product names HAAKENESLAB and Thermo Scientific from Thermo Fisher Scientific,Optical Control SystemsMarimex Industries Corporation and Schleibinger Gerate range of equipment and instruments.

Rheology Solutions recognises the importance of specialisation and dedication to a specific science and as such provides full technical support and service throughout Australia. The company goal is to integrate industry experience and materials characterisation techniques to provide practical solutions for customers.

Rheology Solutions has an established applications laboratory equipped with a comprehensive range of instruments to meet the requirements of material characterisation. Specialist contract testing services are also available and contracts can be tailored to suit discrete tests or protracted testing requirements involving a series of tests over a period of weeks or months.

A range of seminars and application specific workshops as well as product launches and demonstrations are provided throughout Australia. The seminars and workshops are designed to meet the needs of specific customer and industry applications.

Rheology Solutions has its head office in Victoria and works with a team of specialist sales and factory trained service personnel throughout Australia. The combined experience of this team ensures that Rheology Solutions are able to provide their customers with access to the products to ensure that the right technical support and service is provided.The product range exclusively available includes:

Materials Testing Equipment
Rotational viscometers, compact viscometers, freeze/thaw units, shrinkage cones and shrinkage expansion units.

Polymer Testing Instruments
Micro compounders, torque rheometers, mixers, extruders, chill rolls and winding units, film quality scanning systems, pellet scan system, powder testing system, melt analysis and testing system, optical online quality control mini calendar, stretch roll and winder system, measuring extruder, APLAIRS – online control of cast or blown film, film quality testing system, wide web inspection system, sample testing unit, polyester resin online analysis, pellet analyser, pellet shape and size distribution unit.

Process Rheometers
Melt flow indexers, automated melt flow indexer, continuous melt flow indexer.

Process Viscometers
Sensors for low, medium, high, very high viscosities and custom designed sensors

Controlled rate, dynamic oscillation, controlled stress, modular rheometers

Temperature Control
Immersion circulators, bridge circulators, open bath circulators, shaking water bath, heating circulators, refrigerated circulators. cryostats, immersion coolers

Twin Screw Extruders
Twin screw compounding equipment for laboratory through to production applications

Falling ball, battery operated, rotational for QA or QC applications, micro viscometers.