Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS – Sample Sizer

The Sample Sizer is a new modular take-off system for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab extruder system which allows you to picture an integrated polymer text workflow from compounding to final material testing.

In combination with a HAAKE PolyLab extruder system, polymer mixtures can be directly converted to solid and geometrically well defined test specimen profiles. This is of specific interest to the polymer industry PVC specifically (including PVC producers, PVC producers of profiles, producers of stabilisers, and producers of additives), polymer R&D labs, analytical labs, and Universities.

Traditionally, polymer compounding and sample preparation are separate processes that require time, manpower and different machinery. The Sample Sizer provides an integrated solution. Difficult samples, eg: high molecular weight mixtures or filled polymer systems cannot be easily injection-moulded, and the Sample Sizer provides an alternative for sample preparation.

The Sample Sizer allows for the combining of extrusion and compounding tests with the production of small-scale polymer test specimen (standard = sheet profile, hollow and tube profiles on request) for further mechanical, chemical or optical testing.

Instead of re-melting and injection-moulding of polymer mixtures after compounding, the specific sample sizing is an integrated part of the compounding experiments with HAAKE PolyLab extruder systems.

Polymer workflow
After compounding with a HAAKE PolyLab extruder, the polymer melt will be directly transformed into defined solid polymer test specimen.

Powered by IDE extrusion – technology. The key part of the Sample Sizer is the vacuum-controlled calibration unit for precise specimen dimensions.

Integrated cutter
With the integrated cutter different sample lengths are adjustable. Programmable control unit for setting process parameters.

Typical test methods for polymer profiles from Sample Sizer:
• Tensile tests ISO 527
• Impact resistance ISO 179 etc.
• Bending test ISO 178
• Four-point bending test ISO 53457
• Heat resistance ISO 75-2
• Gloss assessment DIN 67530
• Rheology/Torsional/DMTA