Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500

This is the third configuration of the Thermo Scientific ThermoFlex platform released by Thermo Fisher Scientific, the NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500.

Suitable for a diverse range of applications and industries:
• Semiconductor
• Packaging
• Analytical instrumentation
• Laser
• Research
• Medical equipment

The NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500 can maintain temperatures from +5°C to +40°C for continuos cooling in diverse applications and environments. Each chiller incorporates recirculation system with integrated funnel, full flow filtration, and visual fluid level indication. Air and fluid filters can be changes while equipment is running, and configurable options are available to tailor unit to suit specific application.

Key Options Include:
• Auto refill allows for self-filling of the chiller to ensure that the proper level in reservoir is maintained, saving valuable time.
• Anti-drain back ensures reservoir does not overflow when chiller is shut down. This allows the chiller to be installed more than 24 ft. below the application.
• DI resistivity internal DI filtration internal to the chiller is used to maintain the resistivity level below 3 Mohm, with an alarm at 1 Mohm. This minimises footprint and eliminates downtime needed to change the filter, while ensuring constant quality of DI water to your application.
• Pressure relief easily adjustable pressure relief valve allows for control of the outlet pressure from the chiller to be regulated, ensuring your process performance requirements are met.
• Flow Control Utilizes a 3-way valve that allows you to control the amount of flow to the application. The process flow is measured on the return to the unit, ensuring the appropriate amount of flow is provided to the application.
• Pressure/Flow Control Allows you to control the pressure as well as the flow in your application. Utilises a pressure relief valve and monitors the flow through the process return and displays the reading on the controller.
• Water-Cooled Uses facility water to cool the system, minimising heat dissipation into the environment.

The NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500 unit has continuos cooling capacities for 2500watts, this recirculating chiller is ideal fro diverse applications in a variety of environments, including semiconductor, packaging, analytical instrumentation, laser, laboratory, medical and research. A variety of configurable options is available to tailer the chiller to specific applications.

Efficiencies achieved with the new platform design provide up to 20% more cooling than units of similar size and power. The chillers can maintain temperatures from +5°C to +40°C.

Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for the NESLAB range of products from Thermo Fisher Scientific.