Marimex VP-1000U Sensor

The Marimex Industries Corp. is proud to present the next generation of process viscosity sensors. Experiences gained over many years of sensor design and manufacture has led to these new sensor developments:

ViscoMeter VP-1000 is a design geared towards OEM process applications. The series VP-1000 is capable of measuring low or high viscosities with process pressures up to 10 bar / 150 psi and process temperatures up to 130ºC.

ViscoMeter VP-3000 is sensor, which can be adapted to most every process application. It is capable of measuring low to high viscosities and the sensors can be constructed for pressures up to 500 bar / 7,250 psi) and temperatures up to 450ºC.

Because of an innovative construction it is now possible for Marimex Industries Corp. to make the non-active extension any length and shape. This way the sensor can be easily adapted to specific applications and installation requirements. With the neck also being able to be any length, it is possible to use the sensor in high process temperatures. Air cooling of the sensor housing is not required; making sure the sensor itself is kept at the actual process temperature.

These next generation sensors incorporate many new features, making them more flexible and easier to work with during installation, start-up and operation. They are designed to make future updates easy.