Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE VT02 on stand

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus is quick, exact and reliable battery powered rotational viscometer with one button operation which can be hand-held or operated on a stand.

A digital display delivers clear results. These Viscotester models are delivered in a sturdy carrying case as a complete ready-to-use package with 3 measuring systems

During the past decades HAAKE Viscotesters have successfully proven their value wherever quick and reliable tests and comparative measurements are part of daily routine work. They have also been established as standard instruments for quality control. The new generation HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus continues this tradition and fulfils the highest demands regarding design and convenience.

The HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus is a rotational viscometer with one button operation for quick viscosity tests (measuring principle: relative)

• Quick, exact and reliable
• One button operation
• LCD display
• No mains supply needed (battery-operated)

Typical application fields
• Quick viscosity tests, e.g. for process optimisation or machine adjustment
• Batch control in production

Typical samples
• Printing inks, paints, inks
• Shampoos, creams, lotions
• Oils, greases, pastes, lubricants
• Sauces, thickeners

Digital display
Contrary to the traditional Viscotester models where the viscosity is read from an analogue dial, the HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus shows the viscosity on a digital display. Therefore, errors caused by misreading the dial belong to the past. Possible handling errors as well as service information are also shown on the display.

Measuring principle
A rotor rotating at a constant speed is immersed in the fluid to be tested; the fluid’s resistance to the rotation is a measure for the viscosity of the fluid. The small battery-operated rotational viscometer can be operated independent of a mains supply, so that quick and reliable viscosity measurements can be performed virtually everywhere.

User friendliness
The operation of the HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus is especially easy due to one button operation. The Viscotester is switched on (and off ) by the pushing the button, pushing the button again selects the rotor type and starts the measurement.

Measuring accuracy
The measurement accuracy can be adapted to your needs. The standard accuracy of the HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus is 5%; optionally the instruments can be delivered with an increased accuracy of 1%.

Hand-held or with stand
The HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus can be hand-held or operated on a stand. Changing is a matter of seconds because the Viscotester only has to be placed in the special instrument holder. Complete ready to use packages
The HAAKE Viscotester 2 plus are delivered in a sturdy carrying case as a complete ready to use package with 3 measuring systems each. Of course, the measuring cups and rotors of the predecessor models HAAKE VT01 and VT02 can also be used.

• Rotors
• Cups
• Support Stand
• Rod for Laboratory Stand

Rotor No 1
Rotor No 2
Rotor No 3
Rotor No 4
Rotor No 5
Becher (Cup A)
Carry case


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