Manufactured By: Marimex Industries Corp


Marimex ViscTron VT-G144 Transmitter

The VT-G144 ViscoTron transmitter uses digital technology to directly drive the ViscoTron sensor. A high powered processor enables the use of an algorithm with accurate frequency control, which at the same time follows and controls the sensor behaviour. This technology mitigates influence from external mechanical vibrations at the source instead of masking them with a filter later.

Systems using the VT-G144 transmitter can be calibrated either as a constant amplitude or an attenuation system. Internal storage and capture allows the system to be used for remote data collection.

The VT-G144 transmitter is capable of performing in-line transducer tests to compare the current sensor performance against factory data and verify the mechanical integrity of the sensor.

The VT-G144 transmitter is compatible with our new generation ViscoTron VP-300VP-1000, VP-1000c and VP-3000 transducers.

For general purpose applications the transmitter can be integrated into the sensor housing of the VP-1000 and VP-3000 transducers. External housings are available in stainless steel wall mount, polymer wall and DIN rail mount as well as in panel mount configurations. They can be either mounted close or up to 500 meters away from the sensor.

If the sensor is located in a hazardous area, safety barriers are used to establish ATEX approval or CSA approvals. For these applications the transmitter can be mounted together with the barriers in an explosion proof housing eliminating the need for long specialised cables or up to 500 meters away from the sensor. The available approval rating for a complete system with safety barriers is: ATEX: II 1/2 G EEx ia IIC T3 – T6 or Class 1, Div 1, Group C and D.

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