Thermo Scientific HAAKE PharmaLab with Feeder

The pharmaceutical industry needs consistent, continuous, small scale production capabilities and easy cleaning. The system needs to provide flexibility for new product development, with reliable and repeatable operating conditions, plus accurate process data for product audit.

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE PharmaLab 16 Extruder system meets the needs of the pharmaceutical industry with:
• Small-scale twin screw continuous granulation
• Crevice-fee design with opening barrel and ancillaries
• Flexible screw and barrel configurations
• Programmable recipe storage
• Integrated data logging and analysis

The benefits of the HAAKE Twin screw systems for the pharmaceutical industry is:
• Continuous granulation delivering consistent quality on small scale production
• Opening barrel and easily dismantled product contact parts ensure reliable clean down
• Modular design of screws and barrel gives flexibility for new product development
• Recipe storage delivers reliable and repeatable operating conditions
• Integrated data logging provides accurate process data for product audit.

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