Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 550

In many practical applications the yield point of a product is of interest. In a simple definition the yield point is the minimum stress that is required to make a material flow. In the food industry the yield value is very important for a product’s stability. For example, a salad dressing should not show phase separation or sedimentation of solid ingredients such as herbs and spices.

The engineers responsible for the processing technologies must know the rheological behaviour of the products. Depending on the yield stress, different filling and packing machines are used, the final product are sold in bottles, tins, boxes, tubes or other special containers. Last but not least, there is nowadays an increasing interest in being able to empty containers completely before the packing material is recycled. Here the yield point is important information for the recycling.

The HAAKE VT550 viscotester has a tailored application package for the food industry, which can be provided as a ‘plug & play’ instrument and is suitable for yield point determination. Application notes covering yield point determination in food products is available from Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd.

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