Thermo Scientific Pharma TSG

The Thermo Scientific Pharma Twin Screw Granulator (TSG) is, the company’s first Twin Screw Granulator (TSG) specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications. Launched at the American Association of Pharmaceutical Scientists (AAPS) Annual Meeting and Exposition, the Thermo Scientific Pharma TSG eliminates batch variation and decreases ingredient and equipment costs through a continuous mixing process, enabling operators to use smaller, more precise amounts of expensive ingredients.

“We see more international players entering the pharmaceutical market, and those manufacturers are increasingly recognising the benefits of continuous granulation. As processes are improved and new drugs are brought to market, devices like our Pharma TSG will become the industry standard worldwide,” said Alan Swanborough, pharmaceutical applications leader for Thermo Fisher Scientific. “Established pharmaceutical companies can also realise the competitive benefits of these enhanced technologies.

The Thermo Scientific Pharma TSG eliminates the need for large, expensive single-batch equipment and offers operators a more flexible and accurate method of pharmaceutical production.

Key features of the solution include:
• Removable components: barrel liners and screws can be completely removed from the granulator for thorough cleaning
• High free volume: unique design improves the intake for low density or difficult-to-feed active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
• Reduced scale-up risks: users run production on the same equipment as development, and can utilize a 16mm Thermo Scientific Pharma TSG to replace 3 – 60 litre batch granulator (a 24mm Pharma TSG will match the performance of 300 – 600 litre batch processors)
• Reduced in-process inventory: minimizes risks to expensive ingredients and from ATEX hazards

These products analyse and measure viscosity, elasticity, processability and temperature-related mechanical changes of plastics, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and coatings, plus a wide variety of liquids or solids

Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is the exclusive Australian distributor for the Pharma Twin Screw Granulator from Thermo Fisher Scientific.