Thermo Scientific HAAKE – Measuring Building Cell

New measuring cell for rheology of building materials

In order to carry out measurements on samples with medium and large particles, a special measuring geometry is often the only way to get meaningful data with a high reproducibility.

For measurements on building materials a new measuring cell has been developed, which can be used for HAAKE MARS as well as rheometers of the HAAKE RheoStress series.

This measuring cell is characterized by its variable profile. For all existing coaxial cylinders the profile is fixed and can not be changed. The profile of the new measuring cell is exchangeable: for each lamella the profile depth can be individually chosen.

Lamellas with a profile depth of 2mm are included in the standard delivery. Lamellas with 1mm are available as an option, whereas other profile depths are available on request.

Specially shaped vane rotors are included in the price list with 26 and 29,5 mm diameters.

The measuring cell is made of stainless steel in a very robust design. The surface with an optimized structure guarantees an easy cleaning.

Using the cell for construction materials in combination with a HAAKE MARS rheometer the temperature can be controlled; a suitable circulator is required. The temperature control unit is mounted on an adapter plate, in an overhung position and centered by the measuring cell. Using a temperature sensor the temperature can be measured within the sample. With a swing-mechanism the temperature sensor can be positioned automatically and on a reproducible position. A measuring cell cover is available as an optional accessory.

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