Thermo Scientific HAAKE Solids Clamp

New solids clamps for measurements on (semi)-solids

For the controlled test chamber (CTC) a new solids clamping tool according to DIN/ISO 7621-1 has been designed. It consists of an upper and a lower holder. Each is equipped with two moving jaws, which guarantee an automatic centering of the sample relative to the rheometers axis.

The automatic clamping force adaptation for the sample as well as a very simple semi-automatic gap adjustment for a wide range of sample thicknesses with just one fixture allow the user to measure over a wide range of temperatures in one go without ever loosing the grip on the sample.

The jaws are easily removable for cleaning. Also jaws with various profiles for different sample types (soft, medium, hard) are available.

The sample can be 5.0 – 12.7 mm wide, 0.15 – 4.0 mm thick and have a maximum length of 68 mm.

The bottom clamp can be adjusted in height. Samples of different lengths can all be fixed with their middle part being close to the centre of the CTC. Thus all samples of different lengths are exposed to the same extremely low temperature gradient. Using a flexible temperature sensor the temperature is measured very close to the sample.

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