Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab OS & RheoMex

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoMex PTW24-MC-OS 24mm twin-screw extruder line is the next generation of modular compounders.

The versatile 24mm twin-screw extruder line offers the flexibility in small scale continuous processing for research, development and production applications in the polymer industry.

The proven clam-shell design of the 24mm opening barrel provides immediate access to the screws for easy cleaning, quick configuration changes and an ideal evaluation of the extrusion process. The new replaceable barrel liners are easy to exchange and can be manufactured from special materials to handle various applications. Highly free volume geometry improves the feeding of low density materials.

In combination with the HAAKE PolyLab OS torque rheometer platform, the PTW24-MC-OS provides a flexible twin-screw solution.

Twin-screw laboratory extruders have a proven record in continuous compounding with feed-dosing of different additives (liquid or solid) along the extruder barrel. The combination of twin-screw extruder unit with additional sensors offers the ability to measure material properties of the melt during processing. The following properties and data can be derived from an experiment or test run in the early part of the lifecycle of a new product: Viscosity and flow behaviour, Extrudability and scale-up data, predication for the injection moulding process, Morphology of polymer and nano-composites, Decomposition of polymers, Influence of screw geometry on processability, recycling properties and re-usability of the polymer.