Specifically for the hydrometallurgical industry, rheology is of critical importance in phase separation processes (including sedimentation, floatation, cyclone performance). These processes depend on rheological parameters such as viscosity, thixotropic tendencies and yield stress.

The Rheology Solutions applications laboratory has cutting edge equipment, capable of measuring the above parameters, and of providing interpretation of the results if necessary. Laboratory equipment includes highly sensitive, specialised, modern instruments and sensor systems, capable of measuring complicated or difficult fluids such as those with very low viscosity (like some supernatants), or those with a highly settling solid phase. Information such as shear viscosity curves, thixotropic (time related structural changes) behaviour and flow curves may be obtained for interested clients. These measurements may be obtained as a function of temperature, solids density, or to monitor the effects of changes in any additive species or concentration.

With this information the engineer may change the process, or design new unit operations to maximise the potential benefits to be obtained from the physical properties of the processed fluid, or at least minimise the potential for changing product quality or throughput (due to changes fluid properties related to changing environmental or process parameters.

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