Catheter Tubing Die

Catheters were produced of Polystyrene (PS) and Polycaprolactone (PCL). A PolyDrive extruder system, as stand alone extruder was used with the catheter die. For stable extrusion it was necessary to use a water bath and the take off system. By varying take off speed and output different sizes of the catheter were obtained.

Catheters are widely used for medical applications, new developments focus on biodegradable materials and compounding of contrast media for x-ray depiction. Though the commercial products are highly sophisticated and produced on “pharma“ extrusion lines, proof of concept studies and first developments can be run on a standard PolyDrive single screw extruder. Obviously, in the same way a Poly-Lab OS with single screw extruder 19/25 OS can run the same application.

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