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Thermo Scientific HAAKE VT550 Standard Sensors

A range of sensor systems are available for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 550 viscometer to meet the application requirements of various tests and samples.

The modular design of the Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 550 system allows the use of nearly any known sensor.

For example;

Coaxial Cylinder sensors according to DIN 53018 and ISO 3219. (Exact temperature control can be provided by use of a circulator)
Immersion sensors according to DIN 53019 and ISO 3219
Cone-and-plate sensors according to ISO 3219 and parallel plate sensors
Relative sensors according to ISO 2555


Special immersion sensors for highly filled samples or containing large particles, for the determination of the yield point

All these sensors guarantee that your results will be absolutely comparable either within your company or even worldwide with other laboratories.

Measuring systems

Suspension Sensors

Temperature Vessel for Cylinder Measuring Systems

Measuring Geometry

Cylinder NV (100°C)
Cylinder MV (100°C)
Clyinder MV Profiled (100°C)to reduce slippage
Cylinder SV (100°C)
Cylinder SV Profiled (100°C)
Cylinder MV-E and SV-E (60°C) Disposable
Immersion Tube T/MV and T/SV (100°C)

Sensor System PK100

Pt100 Temperature Sensor

Measuring Sensors for PK100, PK200


Additional Product Information:

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE VT550 Accessories Brochure 105kb Download
Thermo Scientific HAAKE VT550 Sensor Specifications 507kb Download
Standard Liquids (P-015) 129kb Download

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