Water Baths

The broadest range of water bath size and models Set-it-and-forget accuracy, faster heat-up to temperature and easy calibration.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Baths

Range of baths covering different volumes from 4 litres to 44 litres and made from stainless steel.

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Thermo Scientific Refrigerated & Heating Baths

Circulating baths with varying volumes to suit the varied need of all applications.

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Water and dry bath accessories including tube racks, bath covers and fillers, and recirculating chiller accessories

Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue

Protect your samples with continuous data logging and real-time alarms.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Baths – Tubing & Bath Liquids

Insulated Metal/PVC/Viton/Perbunan/Silicone tubings & fittings and heat transfer liquids.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Pt100-Sensors / Replenishing Device / Booster Pump

Range of sensors for external temperature control applications with circulators and cryostats.

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB NEScomm Software

Allows you to use your computer to fully automate the temperature control process.

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