The Schleibinger range of testing systems is specifically designed and developed for the testing of construction materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. The range includes rotational viscometers, compact viscometers, freeze/thaw units, shrinkage cones and shrinkage/expansion units.

Material Testing


Durability is, beneath the strength, one of the most important properties of concrete. Beneath the freeze-thaw resistance also the ASR resistance comes more and more in the public focus.

Schleibinger Alkali-Silica-Reactivity Unit

Test for the cracking of concrete.

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Schleibinger CDF-/CIF Freeze-Thaw Tester

Used for testing the freeze/thaw resistance of concrete.

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Schleibinger Construction Monitoring

Monitor the setting and curing of concrete.

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Schleibinger Slabtester

Temperature and time controlled frost-thaw system. Allows freezing and thawing of the concrete.

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Schleibinger Soil Freeze-Thaw Chamber

Test for height change, strength weakening during freeze-thaw.

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Rheometers for building materials

Schleibinger Concrete Tester eBT2

Compact rheometer for fresh concrete used for determining relative yield stress & viscosity.

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Schleibinger Viskomat NT

Rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine-grained building materials.

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Schleibinger Viskomat XL

Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 6 mm grain size.

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Setting & Maturity

Setting and hardening of mortar and concrete may measured by several methods. A popular test is the so called needle or Vicat test. Schleibinger is offering two test methods:

  1. Estimating and simulating the strength development by temperature measurement
  2. Measuring the e.modulus of mortar by determining the ultrasonic speed inside the material.
Schleibinger Vikasonic Early Setting & Hardening

Measure the early setting & hardening of concrete.

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Schleibinger Curing Measurement

Measure the curing temperature to assist with calculating curing factor R.

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Schleibinger Curing Simulation

Simulate concrete curing with high/low temperatures.

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Mortars and concretes are changing its volume during setting and hardening. Many factors are influencing this mechanism: temperature changes, drying, van-der Waals forces between the small high surface particles, growing and shape changing of crystals, volume change of the aggregates and some other known and also already unknown reasons. If the concrete is still in the fluid state, volume change doesn’t matter. (maybe you get, due to the shrinkage, some percent less cubic meters of concrete volume then ordered). If hardening begins, shrinkage and expansion will cause inner strains. If this strain is higher then the strength inner cracks or other may appear.

Schleibinger Measurement Gauge

Measure the change in length of concret slabs or cylinders.

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Schleibinger Measuring Bending Unit

Measures simultaneously the bending and shrinkage of building materials.

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Schleibinger Shrinkage Cone

Laser based system for non-contact measurement of the early shrinkage of pastes.

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Schleibinger Shrinkage Drain

Measures the long-time shrinkage and expansion of mortar and concrete.

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Schleibinger Thin-Layer Shrinkage Laser System

Measures the shrinkage of thin layers of compounds.

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