Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

Schleibinger Viskomat NT

The Schleibinger Viskomat NT is a versatile rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine-grained building materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. with a maximum particle size of 2mm.

The Viskomat NT is a true speed controlled rate viscometer driven by a high precision synchron motor. Each rotation is resolved within 200,00 steps. It allows ramping from 0.001 rpm to 200 rpm in both directions to record flow curves and yield points. The torque up to +/-250 Nmm is measured by a measured by a special transducer.

The data available includes:
• Flow curves and rheological parameters
• Temperature dependent workability properties
• Stiffening behaviour as a function of time and stirring speed
• Effects of concrete admixtures and mineral blending agents on workability

• Robust apparatus for industrial environments, quality control, research and development
• Informative, easy to use test procedures
• Automatic running of predefined test procedures which can be either standardised or tailored to your own requirements
• Inhomogeneous materials measureable with particles up to 2mm using special paddles to avoid separation

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