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Process Viscosity Sensors 25/2/2011
Marimex Industries Corp. is proud to present the next generation of process viscosity sensors. Experiences gained over many years of sensor design and manufacture has led to these new sensor developments. Read More »

In-Line Viscosity Measurment for Process Control 25/2/2011
The fitness of most liquid or melt products for final packaging or further processing is dictated in large part by the molecular architecture of the material in question. The flow properties of the material are an accurate measure of the molecular architecture and so can provide a good measure of the quality of the processed product. In general the rheology, specifically the viscosity, of these materials is amongst the most critical flow properties Read More »

Sensor System To Measure Viscosity Of Tailings From Marimex 22/8/2007
A new sensor style from Marimex Industries Corp. now extends its application base into the mining industry. Read More »

QC Measurements for Liquid Food Products and Packaging 29/5/2007
Production quality and uniformity in food processing and its subsequent packaging is closely related to good Quality Control (QC) during the manufacturing process. In order to achieve high quality merchandise with minimal production losses, good process control and monitoring is critical. This is true for production of both the food product itself, the packaging, and of course for putting the former inside the latter efficiently. Laboratory and on-line systems are capable of delivering solutions for QC monitoring, and in cases where extra information (related sometimes to product development, and not to QC) about the flow properties are unnecessary, an on-line option can be the most useful. Read More »

Process Viscometer 19/9/2006
The Marimex range of ViscoScope process viscometers measures the viscosity of liquids or semi-solids continually and precisely in-line. Read More »