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New Range of Accessories for Rheometers / Viscometers27/2/2012
Suitable for Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS, Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress, Thermo Scientific CaBER 1 Rheometers and Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscometers Read More »

Pharmaceutical Solutions for Material Characterisation & Processing 25/2/2011
Often the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries must overcome problems related to transport, mixing, filling and thermal and/or shear stability of their products. Read More »

Importance of Rheology for Processing Liquid Foods 25/2/2011
The microstructure of liquid foods has an important impact on its quality. This microstructure is a function of the physico-chemical bonds and inter/intra-molecular associations between the ingredients in any recipe. Read More »

Temperature Control Modules for Universal Rheometer 4/2/2011
The modular HAAKE RheoStress 6000 combines proven technology, plus improved specifications and optimised handling with new modules such as the universal Peltier temperature control module for plates, cones and cylinders. These modules are easily exchangeable and are optimised for rapid temperature changes or high-constant temperature and homogeneity. Read More »

NEW FT-IR Module for its Rheometer Platform – Rheology and Spectroscopy in Simultaneous Measurements 4/2/2011
The Rheonaut Module by Thermo Fisher Scientific, when used with the HAAKE MARS rheometer platform, helps users understand the causes of rheological properties on a microscopic level. Read More »

Simultaneous Rheological & FT-IR Spectra Measurements 4/2/2011
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III has a number of application solutions within its suite of models and now this has been expanded to include simultaneous rheological and FT-IR spectra measurements. Read More »

Viscometers & Rheometers for Chocolate Manufacture 15/6/2010
Rheological measurements are essential in optimising the production and properties of confectionery. Read More »

Broad Accessory Portfolio to Characterise Suspensions and Emulsions 7/10/2009
The Thermo Scientific high-end rheometer, HAAKE MARS assists rheological testing in the Cosmetic Industry, allowing for the full characterisation of suspensions and emulsions. Providing reliable measuring data the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS allows for the testing of parameters like shelf life, haptic and sensoric properties. In addition, cosmetic processability and production processes can also be enhanced. Read More »

HAAKE CaBER – Extensional Properties of Fluids can now be Quantified using Normal Force Measurement 7/10/2009
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER is the only commercially available extensional rheometer, that now makes it possible to quantify the extensional properties of fluids using normal force measurement. Read More »

Rheometry of Dispersions 2/10/2009
This paper shows the strengths and limitations of using rheometer as a tool to carry out product development with clear outcomes and measurements. Individual tests derived can be installed as quality control tests. The general rheological behaviour of dispersions is presented and put into relation with the application of sprayability or levelling. Measurement procedures for sagging, levelling, sedimentation, brushability and the yield point determination are discussed and demonstrated on selected samples. Read More »

Improvement of the Pharmaceutical Coating Process by Rotational Rheological Characterisation 23/9/2009
Film coating of solid oral dosage forms is a well established process in the pharmaceutical industry. Although, the process itself is based on the laws of thermodynamics, the result is strongly dependant on the rheological characteristics of the film coating dispersion applied. Read More »

Measurements at Higher Pressures 18/9/2009
This application package – HAAKE RheoStress 6000 “Measurements at higher pressures” has been created for the determination of the pressure-dependent rheological characteristics of a sample. Read More »

QC Measurements for Liquid Food Products and Packaging 8/9/2009
Production quality and uniformity in food processing and its subsequent packaging is closely related to good Quality Control (QC) during the manufacturing process. In order to achieve high quality merchandise with minimal production losses, good process control and monitoring is critical. This is true for production of both the food product itself, the packaging, and of course for putting the former inside the latter efficiently. Laboratory and on-line systems are capable of delivering solutions for QC monitoring, and in cases where extra information (related sometimes to product development, and not to QC) about the flow properties are unnecessary, an on-line option can be the most useful. Read More »

Comprehensive Rheological Solution for the Petrochemical Industry 22/6/2009
A comprehensive rheology portfolio for the petrochemical industry that enables analyses of crude oil through refined products, such as bitumen is now available. Read More »

Extended Capabilities HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers 24/3/2009
HAAKE RheoWin software is user-friendly, with an improved operator interface that offers easy-to-use standard settings for beginners. Typical measuring and evaluation routines can be chosen from a job library. A comprehensive list of predefined measuring and evaluation elements can be combined via “drag & drop” with individual jobs. Read More »

SER – Extensional Rheology Systems for HAAKE MARS 4/12/2008
The SER system is a new accessory for the HAAKE MARS with CTC oven which transforms a (rotational) shear rheometer in an extensional rheometer for melts and semi-solids. Read More »

Correlation of Misting During Printing with Extensional Rheological Investigations on Offset Printing Inks 4/7/2008
The tendency for misting on offset printing inks was examined on two samples using the rotational rheometer Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 600 and the extensional rheometer Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER 1. Read More »

Overview of Rheology-Based Process Challenges for the Mineral Processing Industries 27/6/2008
Mineral processing involves the transportation and processing of large quantities of materials. Read More »

Cellulosic Derivatives in Capillary Break-up. Influence of the MWD and Gel Particles 17/6/2008
Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER 1 extensional rheometer is able to detect slight difference in the MWD (molecular weight distribution) of blended polystyrene standards. Read More »

Improved Torque Sensitivity and Normal Force Resolutions for Routine Measurements 17/6/2008
The new HAAKE RheoStress 6000 benefits from the latest MARS Technology developments. The improved specifications are regarding two components, improved air bearing specifications and the change of the normal force sensor technology. Read More »

Rheological Methods for Determining Molecular Weight & Molecular Weight Distribution 17/4/2008
The molecular weight and molecular weight distribution (MWD) of linear polymers can be derived by using rheological methods. The mechanical excitation of polymers leads to a characteristic response of the material depending on its macromolecular structure. Using the HAAKE RheoWin software with optional tools like TTS (Time Temperature Superposition), Spectra and MWD (Molecular Weight Distribution) master curves, relaxation time spectra and molecular weight distributions can be easily generated out of dynamic tests (Oscillation frequency sweeps). Practical results are presented and discussed in this application report. Read More »

New Measuring Cell for UV-Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temperatures 10/4/2008
In industry thermal curing is used in a wide range of applications like powder coating, adhesives, sealants, soldering materials, inks, etc. Recently there is an increased interest in replacing thermal curing by UV assisted thermal curing in an effort to improve product properties, increase productivity and reduce production costs, for example by reducing the amount of energy needed for initiating the curing reaction, at the same time. Read More »

HAAKE RheoStress 6000 10/3/2008
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is the new generation of the HAAKE RheoStress series that is focused on standard application in R&D and QC. Read More »

CD-Mode Curing Measurement – HAAKE MARS 24/10/2007
The HAAKE MARS is equipped with a self-learning deformation control loop based on neural network technology for controlled deformation (CD) oscillation measurements. Read More »

Sample Fixture for Bending & Breaking Tests – Accessories for HAAKE MARS 22/10/2007
The HAAKE MARS rheometer is now equipped with a highly sensitive normal force sensor and a very precise lift motor which allows applying controlled axial forces to the sample, pushing or pulling the material. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Cone/Plate Exchangeable Geometries 26/9/2007
Cone/plate – exchangeable measuring geometries for maximum flexibility. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials 26/9/2007
New measuring cell for rheology of building materials. Read More »

Disposable Plate/Plate-Measured Geometry For The Controlled Temperature Chamber (CTC) 26/9/2007
The set consists of an upper shaft and a lower shaft with an integrated temperature sensor. By using the supplied press tool an exact perpendicular alignment and reproducible mounting of the disposable plates on the shafts is guaranteed. Read More »

CR-Mode – Low Shear Rates HAAKE MARS 19/9/2007
Applying (Very) Low Shear Rates. Most (very) low shear rate measurements are performed in CS Mode, because most real live applications in which (very) low shear rates are important are driven by a constant stress. Examples are sagging, sedimentation, shelf live, phase separation, all phenomena that are driven by a constant force i.e. gravitation. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Solids Clamp 19/9/2007
New solids clamps for measurements on (semi)-solids. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Sample Loading Tool 1/8/2007
Sample loading tool for measurements on pellets and powders using a plate/plate- or cone/plate- measuring geometry. Read More »

New Accessory For HAAKE MARS – R & D Rheometer 12/6/2007
Trimming tool to remove overfilling in a plate/plate-and cone/plate measuring geometry. Read More »

Simultaneous Rheology And Microscopy 12/6/2007
The HAAKE MARS is a modular high temperature/high pressure R&D rheometer that was designed for flexibility with an architecture that permits customer modules to be integrated into the system. Read More »

Calibration Oils for Viscometers – Meeting ISO Standards 6/3/2000
A range of calibration fluids in larger volumes is now available from HAAKE through Rheology Solutions. Read More »