Specialist contract testing services are also available and contracts can be tailored to suit discrete tests or protracted testing requirements involving a series of tests over a period of weeks or months.

Contract testing services specifically for industrial applications are available.

A range of comprehensive data can be provided for:

Liquid properties
Creep & recovery tests
Viscoelastic moduli
Flow curves
Yield stress
Viscosity curves
Extensional properties including – Apparent extensional viscosity, Time to break-up of strands, Extensional constants
Concentration and temperature profiles
Effects of particle size distribution
Effects of additives and viscosity modifiers
QA/QC for optimal processing


These tests will provide valuable information for process design, modification and control. Test results can be provided simply as data files or supplied with complete interpretation and recommendations.

Additionally, Rheology Solutions can facilitate testing at the overseas suppliers laboratories when required.

Food Industries – Contract Testing Information Kit
Specifically for the food processing industries,materials characterisation is of critical importance in many processes (including fluid related issues like sedimentation, flotation, time related structural decay or build-up, mouthfeel, and solid food issues like brittleness, hardness, strength – compressive & extensional – elasticity, crispness, staleness, crustiness etc). Read More »

General Manufacturing Industries – Contract Testing Information Kit
Unit operations commonly encountered in today’s industrial sectors include mass transfer operations such as pumping, mixing, extrusion, pouring and filling, as well as storage and final use. Read More »

Mineral Slurries Industries – Contract Testing Information Kit
Specifically for the hydrometallurgical industry, rheology is of critical importance in phase separation processes (including sedimentation, floatation, cyclone performance). Read More »

Polymer Industries – Contract Testing Information Kit
Polymer processing includes unit operations such as compression, injection and blow moulding and extrusion through a variety of dies. Read More »

Surface Coating Industries – Contract Testing Information Kit
Surface coatings include such diverse processes as inkjet and screen printing, applying adhesives, paint, varnish and so on. Specifically for the surface coatings industries, materials characterisation is of critical importance in many processes. Read More »

Contact us to discuss your application and the support we can offer wither a contract testing or sample testing – instrument evaluation.

A complete Contract Testing Information kit specific to your industry is available by sending an email to info@rheologysolutions.com and typing “Contract Testing Kit (for your specific industry)” in the subject area. You should receive your kit via post within 5 working days or you can visit one of our Industry Contract Testing information pages as per the above listing.

The Contract Testing Request Form needs to be completed and returned prior to any samples being sent. This will allow us to advise you within 48 hours if we require further information. We will then provide an overview of the work we will carry out including an estimate of the projected time scale and associated fee.

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