Rheology Solutions are the exclusive Australian distributor for the world leading manufacturers of optical control systems, temperature control, polymer, rheology and viscometry instruments and equipment. These manufacturers are specialists in product development, service and manufacturing and continue to be at the forefront of technology and product development.

Marimex Industries Corp
Marimex Industries Corp specialise in the production, installation and support of torsional motion process viscometers. Marimex has many successful installations worldwide within chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food applications and has proved to be a reliable and safe partner for their customers. The company has many years of experience with process viscosity measurements which allows users to measure the most difficult and demanding applications. Together with their customers Marimex determines the measurement requirements and work towards a constructive solution for each application. The selected instrument configuration assuring a quick and effective solution for each project.

Optical Control Systems
Optical Control Systems (OCS) supplies customised and complete solutions in the fields of digital image processing, optical measurement and automation. The systems ensure maximum product quality control.With the aid of precision cameras in conjunction with high performance online image processing, the smallest defects in polymer products are detected, located and analysed in detail. The applications for OCS systems range from laboratory use to complete integration into the production process. OCS has a stated goal of providing the polymer industry with quality control systems that are optimised with regard to production and purpose, and offer complete solutions with solid and up-to-date technology.

Schleibinger Gerate
The Schleibinger range of testing systems is specifically designed and developed for the testing of construction materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. The range includes rotational viscometers, compact viscometers, freeze/thaw units, shrinkage cones and shrinkage/expansion units.

Thermo Scientific – Materials Characterisation
Thermo Fisher Scientific, one of the pioneers in rheology, successfully supports a wide range of industries with its comprehensive Thermo Scientific material characterisation solutions. Material characterisation solutions analyse and measure viscosity, elasticity, processability and temperature-related mechanical changes of plastics, food, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and coatings, chemical or petrochemical products, plus a wide variety of liquids or solids. Select the product that is right for your application from one of the most comprehensive portfolios of temperature control products that deliver scalable product offerings ranging from bench top research through large process manufacturing. Our new and innovative products — developed from customer feedback ensures fulfillment of every need & represents a giant leap forward in performance, configurability and technology and provide unparalleled advantages.

Thermo Scientific – Temperature Control
As an innovative leader in temperature control, we have the expertise to enable you to optimise your liquid cooling and heating applications while increasing productivity and reducing operating costs.