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Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 8mm Grain Size 18/1/2011
Based on 20 years experience with rheometers for mortar and fresh concrete, Schleibinger has developed a new instrument called viskomat XL. The instrument is exclusively available from Rheology Solutions. Read More »

Viskomat XL – Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete 17/8/2009
The Schleibinger Viskomat XL, Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 6 mm grain size. Read More »

New Device for Rheological Measurements – A Measuring Cell for Special Mortars 11/6/2008
Both quality and quantity of rheological tests are mainly determined by the available range of measuring cells. In this field, unmet needs exist especially with respect to building materials testing. This article describes one of these cells that are suitable for highly flowable mortars. This so-called basket cell enables fluid-in-fluid shear, and thus suppresses wall shear effects. The basket cell has been designed as a double annular gap cell ensuring high performance at low yield stresses. Read More »

Schleibinger Presents A New Probe For SCC-Mortar For The Viskomat NT 8/8/2007
At the 16 Conference on “Rheology of Building Materials” at the University for Applied Science Regensburg Germany, March 2007, Schleibinger presented a new probe for measuring SCC mortars. The conference has been running for 16 years and is organised by Schleibinger and was attended by some 80 participants from Europe. Read More »

New Agency Building and Construction Materials Testing Systems From Schleibinger 11/4/2005
Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Schleibinger Gerate GmbH range of construction materials testing systems effective immediately. Read More »