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Durability is, beneath the strength, one of the most important properties of concrete. Beneath the freeze-thaw resistance also the ASR resistance comes more and more in the public focus.

Schleibinger Alkali-Silica-Reactivity Unit

Test for the cracking of concrete.

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Schleibinger CDF-/CIF Freeze-Thaw Tester

Used for testing the freeze/thaw resistance of concrete.

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Schleibinger Construction Monitoring

Monitor the setting and curing of concrete.

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Schleibinger Slabtester

Temperature and time controlled frost-thaw system. Allows freezing and thawing of the concrete.

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Schleibinger Soil Freeze-Thaw Chamber

Test for height change, strength weakening during freeze-thaw.

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Rheometers for building materials
Schleibinger Concrete Tester eBT2

Compact rheometer for fresh concrete used for determining relative yield stress & viscosity.

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Schleibinger Viskomat NT

Rotational viscometer for determining the workability of fine-grained building materials.

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Schleibinger Viskomat XL

Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 6 mm grain size.

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Setting & Maturity
Setting and hardening of mortar and concrete may measured by several methods. A popular test is the so called needle or Vicat test. Schleibinger is offering two test methods:
  1. Estimating and simulating the strength development by temperature measurement
  2. Measuring the e.modulus of mortar by determining the ultrasonic speed inside the material.
Schleibinger Vikasonic Early Setting & Hardening

Measure the early setting & hardening of concrete.

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Schleibinger Curing Measurement

Measure the curing temperature to assist with calculating curing factor R.

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Schleibinger Curing Simulation

Simulate concrete curing with high/low temperatures.

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Mortars and concretes are changing its volume during setting and hardening. Many factors are influencing this mechanism: temperature changes, drying, van-der Waals forces between the small high surface particles, growing and shape changing of crystals, volume change of the aggregates and some other known and also already unknown reasons. If the concrete is still in the fluid state, volume change doesn’t matter. (maybe you get, due to the shrinkage, some percent less cubic meters of concrete volume then ordered). If hardening begins, shrinkage and expansion will cause inner strains. If this strain is higher then the strength inner cracks or other may appear.
Schleibinger Measurement Gauge

Measure the change in length of concret slabs or cylinders.

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Schleibinger Measuring Bending Unit

Measures simultaneously the bending and shrinkage of building materials.

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Schleibinger Shrinkage Cone

Laser based system for non-contact measurement of the early shrinkage of pastes.

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Schleibinger Shrinkage Drain

Measures the long-time shrinkage and expansion of mortar and concrete.

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Schleibinger Thin-Layer Shrinkage Laser System

Measures the shrinkage of thin layers of compounds.

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The sensor can be mounted in any direction into a reactor, tank, pipe or sample cell. To obtain consistent results, the sensor has to be fully inserted into the liquid. Sensors are manufactured for various viscosity and temperature ranges. To bridge areas of no flow, a non-active extension can be employed. Such a non-active extension is an integral part of the sensor construction and placed between the flange and the probe. A PT100 temperature sensor is integrated in the viscosity sensor for measuring the process temperature.
Marimex ViscoScope Sensors – VP-300

Measure Low, Medium, High, Extra high Viscosities with differenct shape & length of extension.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-1000c

Sensor for measuring low – high viscosities with process pressures up to 50 bar.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-1000

Sensor for measuring low – high viscosities with process pressures up to 10 bar.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-3000

Sensor for high viscosities & low pressures up to 500 bar, with variable length/shape of extensi

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The Marimex Software provides an easy interface for the configuration of all customer accessible parameters via a PC compatible computer.

Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘ViscoView’

Data collection software connects via Modbus & RS232/RS485 serial interface to the ViscoTron tr

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Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘VisConfig’

Simplifies the configuration of a transmitter, showing available parameters & translating code.

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Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘VisConfig-Express’

Software used to download and upload the entire configuration of a transmitter at once.

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Marimex ViscoScope System – ViscoTouch Panel

Display panel connects to and communicates via ModBus protocol with ViscoTron transmitters.

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A special transmission cable connects the sensor and the transmitter. If the sensor is being mounted in a hazardous area, safety barriers are placed additionally between the transmitter and the sensor. The transmission cable and the safety barriers form part of the calibration. The distance between the transmitter and the sensor can be a maximum of 1,000 meters.
Marimex ViscoScope System – Transmitter VS-4450/VS-B450

Analog drive transmitters for any of the ViscoTron VP Series sensors.

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Marimex ViscoTron Transmitter – VT-G144

Digital Direct transmitter for ViscoTron VP series sensors.

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Thermo Scientific – Material Characterisation & Testing

Measure the comprehensive rheological measurements of viscosity, elasticity, processability and temperature-related mechanical changes etc of your samples to optimise your product development, production and quality.
Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000

Universal rheometer focused on standard applications in R&D and QC.

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Building & Construction Industries Interactive DictionaryInteractive Dictionary

The Building & Construction Industries interactive dictionary is available for viewing on line. This interactive dictionary provides a comparison between common building & construction industry terms (such as; aggregation and yield stress etc) and an equipment matrix to identify the correct instrument to characterise a material for each specific industry term. Read More »
Building & Construction Industries Solutions KitIndustry Solutions Kit
The terms usually referred to when performance is assessed for building and related process industries are diverse and include: ► angle of repose ► aggregation ► communition ► slump ► pipeline transport ► processability► stratification ► slurry ► settling slurry► suspension ► yield stress Read More »
Building & Constuction Technical ArticlesTechnical Articles & Application Notes
The list of articles is regularly updated and expanded and the copies are available mainly as a PDF file. Read More »

Tim’s Top Tips – How to Measure Series

Flow and Viscosity Curves
A flow curve is a data plot showing the results of an experiment, relating the shear rate to the shear stress. Read More »
Thixotropy is a form of time dependent behaviour describing a material whose viscosity decreases over time while it is subjected to shearing forces. Read More »
Yield Stress
Yield stress is the minimum force required to initiate flow. Read More »


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Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 8mm Grain Size 18/1/11
Based on 20 years experience with rheometers for mortar and fresh concrete, Schleibinger has developed a new instrument called viskomat XL. The instrument is exclusively available from Rheology Solutions. Read More »
Viskomat XL – Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete 17/8/2009
The Schleibinger Viskomat XL, Rheometer for Mortar and Fresh Concrete up to 6 mm grain size. Read More »
Extended Capabilities HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers 24/3/2009
HAAKE RheoWin software is user-friendly, with an improved operator interface that offers easy-to-use standard settings for beginners. Typical measuring and evaluation routines can be chosen from a job library. A comprehensive list of predefined measuring and evaluation elements can be combined via “drag & drop” with individual jobs. Read More »
Rheological Properties of Bitumen Modified with Polyethylene & Polyethylene Based Blends 7/1/2009
Nowadays a very large majority of the roads are constructed using a mixture of bitumen (5 wt. %) and mineral aggregates. Notwithstanding this low bitumen content, the performance of the road pavement is determined by the properties of the bitumen, as bitumen is the continuous phase and the only deformable component. On the other hand, from a technological point of view, the continuously increasing traffic load on road pavements has resulted in tightening of binder specifications in order to obtain higher mechanical stability of asphalt roads. However, the limit of increasing pavement performance with conventional pure bitumen seems to have been reached. Read More »
Extended Product Range – Recirculating Chillers 17/12/2008
Two models have been added to the Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex range. The range now extends to 3500 W and 5000 W cooling capacity at 20ºC. Read More »
Bacchus Marsh – Home of a New High Technology Facility 4/7/2008
Rheology Solutions based in Bacchus Marsh Victoria has signed a license agreement with CSIRO to develop and manufacture a novel process control instrument known as the On-Line Rheometer (OLR). Read More »
New Device for Rheological Measurements – A Measuring Cell for Special Mortars 11/6/2008
Both quality and quantity of rheological tests are mainly determined by the available range of measuring cells. In this field, unmet needs exist especially with respect to building materials testing. This article describes one of these cells that are suitable for highly flowable mortars. This so-called basket cell enables fluid-in-fluid shear, and thus suppresses wall shear effects. The basket cell has been designed as a double annular gap cell ensuring high performance at low yield stresses. Read More »
HAAKE MARS – Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials 26/9/2007
New measuring cell for rheology of building materials. Read More »
Schleibinger Presents A New Probe For SCC-Mortar For The Viskomat NT 8/8/2007
At the 16 Conference on “Rheology of Building Materials” at the University for Applied Science Regensburg Germany, March 2007, Schleibinger presented a new probe for measuring SCC mortars. The conference has been running for 16 years and is organised by Schleibinger and was attended by some 80 participants from Europe. Read More »
New Agency Building and Construction Materials Testing Systems From Schleibinger 11/4/2005
Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd is pleased to announce that they have been appointed as the exclusive Australian distributor for the Schleibinger Gerate GmbH range of construction materials testing systems effective immediately. Read More »
HAAKE CaBER – Extensional Properties of Fluids can now be Quantified using Normal Force Measurement 7/10/2001
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER is the only commercially available extensional rheometer, that now makes it possible to quantify the extensional properties of fluids using normal force measurement. Read More »
Calibration Oils for Viscometers – Meeting ISO Standards 6/3/2000
A range of calibration fluids in larger volumes is now available from HAAKE through Rheology Solutions. Read More »