Manufactured By: Marimex Industries Corp


Marimex ViscoTouch VT-X128

Marimex ViscoTouch VT-X128

The ViscoTouch display panel connects to and communicates via ModBus protocol with ViscoTron transmitters.

USB, RS232 and RS485 connections are provided for communication with transmitters and other external devices. Using RS485 the distance between the touch panel and a transmitter can be up to 1,000 metres.

Storage capacity of 1 GB internal flash memory can be expanded with SD/MMC storage cards. An ethernet connection is provided for data communication with a host computer.

ViscoView and ViscoTools software is pre-installed on the ViscoTouch panel and can be upgraded via download from the internet, when such updates are available.

ViscoView software collects viscosity and temperature data continuosly at a configurable rate. The data is displayed as trending graphs to observe viscosity and temperature over time. Current values for viscosity , temperature and resonant frequency are displayed as numbers as well.

Alarm parameters can be configured for viscosity, temperature and resonant frequency. The display panel will overlay and flash a large “Alarm” when an alarm occurs.

External devices can be controlled via ModBus triggered by settings in the software to provide relay closures for sound alarams and control functions. Other output interfaces are available on request.

ViscoView software can be customised to customer requests. Examples include temperature compensation using two sensors at different temperatures to continuously calculate the slope for temperature compensation and being able to connect to more than four systems simultaneously.

ViscoTouch panels are available in 210mm and 300mm disagonal display panel sizes.


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