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New Range of Accessories for Rheometers / Viscometers27/2/2012
Suitable for Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS, Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress, Thermo Scientific CaBER 1 Rheometers and Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscometers Read More »

Pharmaceutical Solutions for Material Characterisation & Processing 25/2/2011
Often the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries must overcome problems related to transport, mixing, filling and thermal and/or shear stability of their products. Read More »
Process Control in Mining – The Role of Rheology 25/2/2011
On-site mining processes mostly involve: Separation processes (like flocculation, floatation etc.,) and mixing processes for maximising ore extraction. Read More »
Importance of Rheology in Food Product Design 25/2/2011
The microstructure of liquid foods has an important impact on its qualitative and quantitative quality attributes. This microstructure is a function of the physico-chemical bonds and inter/intra-molecular associations between the ingredients in any recipe. Read More »

Rotational Viscometers – to Suit Those Seeking Convenience 15/12/2010
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester E – expert, D – distinct and C – convenient, units can be used for tests and comparative measurements for quality control according to recognized standards. Read More »

Viscometers & Rheometers for Chocolate Manufacture 15/6/2010
Rheological measurements are essential in optimising the production and properties of confectionery. Read More »

QC Measurements for Liquid Food Products and Packaging 8/9/2009
Production quality and uniformity in food processing and its subsequent packaging is closely related to good Quality Control (QC) during the manufacturing process. In order to achieve high quality merchandise with minimal production losses, good process control and monitoring is critical. This is true for production of both the food product itself, the packaging, and of course for putting the former inside the latter efficiently. Laboratory and on-line systems are capable of delivering solutions for QC monitoring, and in cases where extra information (related sometimes to product development, and not to QC) about the flow properties are unnecessary, an on-line option can be the most useful. Read More »

Extended Capabilities HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers 24/3/2009
HAAKE RheoWin software is user-friendly, with an improved operator interface that offers easy-to-use standard settings for beginners. Typical measuring and evaluation routines can be chosen from a job library. A comprehensive list of predefined measuring and evaluation elements can be combined via “drag & drop” with individual jobs. Read More »

Rheological Properties of Bitumen Modified with Polyethylene & Polyethylene Based Blends 7/1/2009
Nowadays a very large majority of the roads are constructed using a mixture of bitumen (5 wt. %) and mineral aggregates. Notwithstanding this low bitumen content, the performance of the road pavement is determined by the properties of the bitumen, as bitumen is the continuous phase and the only deformable component. On the other hand, from a technological point of view, the continuously increasing traffic load on road pavements has resulted in tightening of binder specifications in order to obtain higher mechanical stability of asphalt roads. However, the limit of increasing pavement performance with conventional pure bitumen seems to have been reached.  Read More »

The Industry Choice of Viscosity Measurements of Mineral Slurries and Suspensions 11/6/2008
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester model VT550 viscometer is suitable for viscosity measurements of particular suspensions using standard sensors to provide relative or absolute results which are highly reproducible. Read More »

Tip’s for Mineral Industries 18/12/2006
The series of Tim’s Top Tips has been expanded to now include three Tip’s on
• How to measure thixotropy
• How to measure yield stress
• How to measure flow and viscosity curves Read More »

Overview of Rheology-Based Process Challenges for the Surface Coating Industry 3/12/2002
In general, surface coatings are multi-phase fluids, usually one or more liquid phase, which may or may not be water based, in which particulate matter is suspended. The effectiveness of the coating depends on many things, including the properties of both phases and their interaction, the nature of the substrate, the method of application of the coating to the substrate, and diverse processing conditions including temperature, mixing, time, etc. Read More »

Slurry Rheology and Pipeline Transport Properties, An Overview 31/5/2002
Slurry transport in the mining industry is a commonly used technique for moving partially and fully processed materials, and waste. Read More »

Construction Materials Viscometer… the industry choice for mineral slurries and suspensions 11/9/2001
The HAAKE Viscotester model VT550 is suitable for viscosity measurements of construction materials with very disperse phases and particles using relative sensors to get reproducible results. The viscometer can be easily upgraded to R&D performance with full computer control. Read More »

Determining The Optimum Conditions For Food Handling & Stability 8/12/2000
In many practical applications the yield point of a product is of interest. In a simple definition the yield point is the minimum stress that is required to make a material flow. In the food industry the yield value is very important for a product’s stability. For example, a salad dressing should not show phase separation or sedimentation of solid ingredients such as herbs and spices.Read More »

Calibration Oils for Viscometers – Meeting ISO Standards 6/3/2000
A range of calibration fluids in larger volumes is now available from HAAKE through Rheology Solutions. Read More »