A wide selection of  editorials covering products, applications & reports specific to Polymer Testing Instruments are available.

The Solution for the Polymer Film & converting Industries 2/2/2011
During the establishment of various raw material inspection systems, OCS was confronted with the increasing interest of polymer processing companies, to ensure the same excellent product quality for their customers as well as their subcontractorsRead More »

Rheology and Quality Control for Packaging 2/2/2011
The efficiency of many packaging processes, like flow-wrapping with flexible packaging or stacking/filling rigid, thermoformed or injection moulded packaging can be influenced by many parameters.Read More »

Film Scanning Systems for Packaging in the Wine Industry 2/2/2011
Flexible films have been important for some time in the wine industries, most notably in the packaging of boxed product, as a functionalised multi-layer bladder to contain, and maintain the quality of, the wineRead More »

Film Surface Analyser – FSA 100 18/1/2011
FSA100 is a modular surface inspection system for use in laboratories and production. Read More »

Liquid Analyser for Transparent Liquid Substances 11/8/2010
The OCS Liquid Analyzer (LA20) with colour camera was developed to count and classify contaminations in transparent liquid substances. Read More »

Correlation Between Mixer Tests and the Extrusion Behaviour of PVC Dry Blends 28/6/2010
This report describes the correlation between measurements done on a laboratory mixer with PVC Dry Blends and their processing behaviour on a counter-rotating twin screw extruder. Read More »

How to Relate Test Results of a Torque Rheometer to Problems in Elastomer Processing 23/9/2009
High quality standards of elastomers, elastomer compounds and their final products have to be realized at the lowest possible price, because the competitive situation and the requirements have increased extremely during the past eight to ten years. Read More »

On-Line Optical QC Measurements for Manufacturing Industries 8/9/2009
Production quality and uniformity in manufacturing and processing is closely related to good Quality Control (QC) during the manufacturing process. On-line systems are capable of delivering solutions for QC monitoring. Read More »

Polymer & Polymer Process Characterisation for Applications Based Material and Extruder Optimisation 8/9/2009
Polymer manufacture today is one of the most important world-wide industrial sectors and, significantly, is not confined in the centre of manufacture to one or two highly industrialised nations only. Read More »

Automatic Detection of Thermo Degradation of a Polymer 23/7/2009
Similar to any other material, the properties of polymeric materials are closely linked to their chemical nature. Read More »

Quality Control for the Petrochemical Industry 23/7/2009
Plastics have become indispensable nowadays, and the areas of application are constantly broadened. The level of the requirements has risen in equal measure. The industry demands for high quality raw material, that needs appropriate “online controls” to guarantee best properties for the fields of polymerisation, processing and application. Read More »

New Module for Torque Rheometer with Extruder – Sample Sizer 24/3/2009
The Sample Sizer is a new modular take-off system for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab extruder system which allows you to picture an integrated polymer text workflow from compounding to final material testing. Read More »

New Die Design for the Characterisation of the Extensional and Shear Properties of Polymers for Laboratory and On-lin Use 24/3/2009
The rheological properties of polymers in shear as well as in extensional flow are essential for their processing. Unfortunately their complete characterisation in the laboratory requires the complementary use of sophisticated techniques which are time consuming and need great expertise. Read More »

Rheological Methods for Determining Molecular Weight & Molecular Weight Distribution 17/4/2008
The molecular weight and molecular weight distribution (MWD) of linear polymers can be derived by using rheological methods. The mechanical excitation of polymers leads to a characteristic response of the material depending on its macromolecular structure. Using the HAAKE RheoWin software with optional tools like TTS (Time Temperature Superposition), Spectra and MWD (Molecular Weight Distribution) master curves, relaxation time spectra and molecular weight distributions can be easily generated out of dynamic tests (Oscillation frequency sweeps). Practical results are presented and discussed in this application report. Read More »

New Measuring Mixer & Extruder System for Quality Control 17/3/2008
The new Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC modular torque rheometer was on display for the first time at the International Plastics and Rubber Trade Fair K 2007 in Düsseldorf, Germany. The PolyLab QC can easily be connected to new and existing interchangeable mixers, single-screw extruders, or conical twin-screw extruders. Read More »

High Quality Pharmaceutical Film 21/11/2007
This article discusses defects that may possibly occur during production of film on calendaring equipment as well as the sources of black spots, their detection, evaluation and possible means of prevention. Read More »

MiniLab – Micro Compounder … New from Thermo HAAKE 21/11/2007
The MiniLab Micro Rheology Compounder enables compounding and rheological measurement with a micro amount of material i.e. about 8 g of polymer. Read More »

NanoLab Compounder Package 21/11/2007
The Thermo Scientific NanoLab compounder package contains the tools to mix or compound Nano particles (Nano tubes) in a base polymer. Read More »

High Speed Pellet Scan System – Throughput up to 250 Kg/hr 10/10/2007
The PS200C inspection system from Optical Control Systems is used to analyse transparent and opaque pellets. Read More »

Nano Composites 4/10/2007
Nano compounds are often prepared in solid form using the traditional and available mixing and extrusion devices. Now you can optimise these sensitive processes. Read More »

Evaluating the Plasticisation Process of Different Soft PVC Samples 4/10/2007
A HAAKE PolyLab OS torque rheometer, equipped with a Mixer was used to test four different soft PVC samples. The type and amount of plasticizer was varied. The corresponding torque curves helped to differentiate the formulas. The PolySoft Mixer data evaluation is explained in detail in this application note, and valuable hints are given for substituting PVC blend ingredients, e.g. plasticisers, stabilisers. Read More »

New Mobile Docking Station 26/9/2007
A new HAAKE OS mobile docking station is now available to enable users to integrate their existing measuring adapters into Thermo Scientifics’ newest torque rheometer platform, the HAAKE PolyLab OS. With this upgrade, users can protect their established measuring procedures while upgrading their installations. Read More »

HAAKE PolyLab OS Docking Station 12/9/2007
Mobile bench for measuring mixers and measuring extruders. When existing measuring mixers and extruders need to be upgraded with newer torque rheometer drives and software, the modular Thermo Scientific HAAKE OS mobile docking station is the right accessory to use. Read More »

HAAKE PolyLab Blown Film Die 19/12/2006
Film production simulation for polymer development, materials evaluation and parameter monitoring requires highly adaptive small scale systems with complete process functionality. The PolyLab System and RheoMex extrusion line, in conjunction with a blown film die and take-off tower system, provide a means of accurate thin film production for total process evaluation with less than 1 kg of material. Read More »

Optical Control Systems (OCS) Range of Quality Control Products for the Polymer Industry 27/11/2003
OCS supplies customised and complete solutions in the fields of digital image processing, optical measurement and automation. The systems ensure maximum product quality control. With the aid of precision cameras in conjunction with high performance online image processing, the smallest defects in polymer products are detected, located and analysed in detail. Read More »

Current Possibilities for Extrusion and Mixing 27/2/2003
Applications for extrusion are not confined to any single industry sector or scale of operation. They range from mega- to pilot-scale operations in industries as diverse as master-batch and compound manufacture in the polymer processing sectors, melt mixing of resins for powder coatings, continuous mixing in the food and pharmaceutical industries to fabrication, for example of rubber seals or plastic rods. Read More »

HAAKE MiniLab – Compounder & Reactor 11/8/1999
The use of a conical twin screw extruder with backflow channel combines aspects of mixing and extrusion in a batch process. Read More »