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The sensor can be mounted in any direction into a reactor, tank, pipe or sample cell. To obtain consistent results, the sensor has to be fully inserted into the liquid. Sensors are manufactured for various viscosity and temperature ranges. To bridge areas of no flow, a non-active extension can be employed. Such a non-active extension is an integral part of the sensor construction and placed between the flange and the probe. A PT100 temperature sensor is integrated in the viscosity sensor for measuring the process temperature.

Marimex ViscoScope Sensors – VP-300

Measure Low, Medium, High, Extra high Viscosities with differenct shape & length of extension.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-1000c

Sensor for measuring low – high viscosities with process pressures up to 50 bar.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-1000

Sensor for measuring low – high viscosities with process pressures up to 10 bar.

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Marimex ViscoTron Sensors – VP-3000

Sensor for high viscosities & low pressures up to 500 bar, with variable length/shape of extensi

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The Marimex Software provides an easy interface for the configuration of all customer accessible parameters via a PC compatible computer.

Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘ViscoView’

Data collection software connects via Modbus & RS232/RS485 serial interface to the ViscoTron tr

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Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘VisConfig’

Simplifies the configuration of a transmitter, showing available parameters & translating code.

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Marimex ViscoScope System – Software ‘VisConfig-Express’

Software used to download and upload the entire configuration of a transmitter at once.

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Marimex ViscoScope System – ViscoTouch Panel

Display panel connects to and communicates via ModBus protocol with ViscoTron transmitters.

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A special transmission cable connects the sensor and the transmitter. If the sensor is being mounted in a hazardous area, safety barriers are placed additionally between the transmitter and the sensor. The transmission cable and the safety barriers form part of the calibration. The distance between the transmitter and the sensor can be a maximum of 1,000 meters.

Marimex ViscoScope System – Transmitter VS-4450/VS-B450

Analog drive transmitters for any of the ViscoTron VP Series sensors.

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Marimex ViscoTron Transmitter – VT-G144

Digital Direct transmitter for ViscoTron VP series sensors.

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Thermo Scientific – Material Characterisation & Testing


Measure the comprehensive rheological measurements of viscosity, elasticity, processability and temperature-related mechanical changes etc of your samples to optimise your product development, production and quality.
Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III

Modular Rheometer designed for flexibility and meets the most demanding requirements in R&D.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 1

Controlled Stress Rheometer suitable for product development and QC applications.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000

Universal rheometer focused on standard applications in R&D and QC.

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Stand-Alone Coumpounding Systems

Stand-alone twin-screw extuders for research and development, quality control, pilot plant and small scale production.
Thermo Scientific Twin Screw Extruder 24 MC

Small-scale continuous processing 24mm extruder for manufacturing samples, output up to 50 kg/h.

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Measure viscosity, processability and temperature related mechanical changes of your samples to optimise your product production and quality with either:
  • a) Handheld or Brookfield type rotational viscometers – designed for fast and precise measurements of viscosity and flow behaviour for quality control
  • b) Falling ball viscometer or Höppler viscometer – for the determination of the absolute value of the viscosity of Newtonian materials
Thermo Scientific HAAKE Falling Ball Viscometer Type C

Accurately measures the viscosity of transparent Newtonian liquids and gases.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE RotoVisco 1

Controlled Rate (rotational) viscometer specifically designed for exact QA applications.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 2 Plus

Quick, exact & reliable battery powered rotational viscometer. Viscosity range: 0.3-4000 dPas.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester 550

Rotational viscometer specifically designed for quality control applications.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotesters E, D & C

Used in the testing and taking of comparative measurements for QC according to recognised standards.

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Chemical & Allied Industries Interactive DictionaryInteractive Dictionary
The Chemical & Allied Industries interactive dictionary is available for viewing on line. This interactive dictionary provides a comparison between common chemical & allied industry terms (such as; blending and yield stress etc) and an equipment matrix to identify the correct instrument to characterise a material for each specific industry term. Read More »
Chemical & Allied Industries Solutions KitIndustry Solutions Kit
The terms sometimes referred to when performance is assessed for chemical and related processes for industries are diverse and include:
► blending/mixing ► flow ► levelling ► yield stress ► pipeline transport ► processability ► shelf life ► suspension line gluing slump ► slurry ► stratification ► settling slurry ► substrate Read More »
Chemical & Allied Industries Technical ArticlesTechnical Articles & Application Notes
The list of articles is regularly updated and expanded and the copies are available mainly as a PDF file. Read More »
Chemical & Allied Industries Tim's Top TipsTim’s Top Tips  – How to Measure Series
Flow and Viscosity Curves
A flow curve is a data plot showing the results of an experiment, relating the shear rate to the shear stress. Read More »
Thixotropy is a form of time dependent behaviour describing a material whose viscosity decreases over time while it is subjected to shearing forces. Read More »
Yield Stress
Yield stress is the minimum force required to initiate flow. Read More »


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The New OnLine Rheometer (OLR) Measures the Flow Properties of Domestic Chemical Products in the Process Pipe so Products Remain in Specification 3/05/2013

The OnLine Rheometer Group of Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd, Australia has brought to the world market the first OnLine Rheometer (OLR) to continuously measure, plot and report the flow properties of process liquids in the pipe. The OLR is for process monitoring, process control and quality control of liquids in the process and manufacturing of chemical products. Read More »

New Range of Accessories for Rheometers / Viscometers 27/2/2012

Suitable for Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS, Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress, Thermo Scientific CaBER 1 Rheometers and Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscometers Read More »

Fogging Test System 25/2/2011

The Thermo Scientific Horizon Fogging Test System allows you to measure the amount of volatile organice compounds (VOC’s) emitted from materials used in manufacturing according DIN standards. Read More »
Recirculating Chillers 25/2/2011
The Thermo Scientific ThermoChill is the perfect fit for those routine applications where quality liquid cooling equipment is a necessity. Read More »
Process Viscosity Sensors 25/2/2011
Marimex Industries Corp. is proud to present the next generation of process viscosity sensors. Experiences gained over many years of sensor design and manufacture has led to these new sensor developments. Read More »

New Series of Immersion Circulators – Now Available 25/2/2011

The Thermo Scientific Premium Series Immersion Circulators are high performance products for temperature control between 200°C and 300°C. Read More »

Ultra Low Temperature Refrigerated Circulators 25/2/2011

The Thermo Scientific Glacier Series: G50 Ultra- Low Temperature Refrigerated Circulator system has unique features and temperature performance. Read More »
Temperature Control Modules for Universal Rheometer 4/2/2011
The modular HAAKE RheoStress 6000 combines proven technology, plus improved specifications and optimised handling with new modules such as the universal Peltier temperature control module for plates, cones and cylinders. These modules are easily exchangeable and are optimised for rapid temperature changes or high-constant temperature and homogeneity. Read More »
Simultaneous Rheological & FT-IR Spectra Measurements 4/2/2011
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III has a number of application solutions within its suite of models and now this has been expanded to include simultaneous rheological and FT-IR spectra measurements. Read More »
NEW FT-IR Module for its Rheometer Platform – Rheology and Spectroscopy in Simultaneous Measurements 4/2/2011
The Rheonaut Module by Thermo Fisher Scientific, when used with the HAAKE MARS rheometer platform, helps users understand the causes of rheological properties on a microscopic level. Read More »
Expanded Contract Testing Capabilities 4/2/11
Rheology Solutions has purchased the newest HAAKE MARS III Rheometer to be housed in our applications laboratory in Bacchus Marsh, Victoria. Read More »
In-Line Viscosity Measurement for Process Control 2/2/2011
The fitness of most liquid or melt products for final packaging or further processing is dictated in large part by the molecular architecture of the material in question. The flow properties of the material are an accurate measure of the molecular architecture and so can provide a good measure of the quality of the processed product.  In general the rheology, specifically the viscosity, of these materials is amongst the most critical flow properties. Read More »
New Laboratory Chiller 15/12/2010
Heat and cool external applications with a temperature range of -10°C to +80°C and either a 250W or 500W cooling capacity.Read More »
Rotational Viscometers – To Suit Thse Seeking Convenience 15/12/2010
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester E – expert, D – distinct and C – convenient, units can be used for tests and comparative measurements for quality control according to recognized standards. Read More »
New Generation of Heating/Cooling Thermostats 11/8/2010
A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular heated or refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement. Read More »
New Generation of Heating Circulators 29/6/2010
A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular heated or refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement. Read More »
New Generation of Refrigerated Circulators 29/6/2010
A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement. Read More »
New Generation of Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulators 29/6/2010
A new generation of temperature control systems that deliver unsurpassed performance and configurability are now available exclusively through Rheology Solutions. Now you can match a specific thermostat to the particular heated or refrigerated bath that best meets your application requirement. Read More »
Measurements at Higher Pressures 18/9/2009
This application package – HAAKE RheoStress 6000 “Measurements at higher pressures” has been created for the determination of the pressure-dependent rheological characteristics of a sample. Read More »
New High Temperature Range of Recirculating Chiller 10/08/2009
A deluxe range of High Temperature NESLAB ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers are now available. An advancement to the already designed modular platform, and variety of cooling capacities (1400W to 10000W) the ThermoFlex line now offers the ability to users to cool temperature from +5°C to +90°C for diverse applications in markets such as industrial, medical, laser, metrology, packaging, pharmaceutical, and semiconductor processing. Read More »
Comprehensive Rheological Solution for the Petrochemical Industry 22/6/2009
A comprehensive rheology portfolio for the petrochemical industry that enables analyses of crude oil through refined products, such as bitumen is now available. Read More »
Rheological Methods for Determining Molecular Weight & Molecular Weight Distribution 17/4/2009
The molecular weight and molecular weight distribution (MWD) of linear polymers can be derived by using rheological methods. The mechanical excitation of polymers leads to a characteristic response of the material depending on its macromolecular structure. Using the HAAKE RheoWin software with optional tools like TTS (Time Temperature Superposition), Spectra and MWD (Molecular Weight Distribution) master curves, relaxation time spectra and molecular weight distributions can be easily generated out of dynamic tests (Oscillation frequency sweeps). Practical results are presented and discussed in this application report. Read More »
Extended Capabilities HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers 24/3/2009
HAAKE RheoWin software is user-friendly, with an improved operator interface that offers easy-to-use standard settings for beginners. Typical measuring and evaluation routines can be chosen from a job library. A comprehensive list of predefined measuring and evaluation elements can be combined via “drag & drop” with individual jobs. Read More »
HAAKE CaBER – Extensional Properties of Fluids can now be Quantified using Normal Force Measurement 7/1/2009
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER is the only commercially available extensional rheometer, that now makes it possible to quantify the extensional properties of fluids using normal force measurement. Read More »
Improved Torque Sensitivity and Normal Force Resolutions for Routine Measurements 17/9/2008
The new HAAKE RheoStress 6000 benefits from the latest MARS technology developments. The improved specifications are regarding two components, improved air bearing specifications and the change of the normal force sensor technology. Read More »
On-Line Optical QC Measurements for Manufacturing Industries 8/9/2009
Production quality and uniformity in manufacturing and processing is closely related to good Quality Control (QC) during the manufacturing process. On-line systems are capable of delivering solutions for QC monitoring. Read More »
Quality Control for the Petrochemical Industry 23/7/2009
Plastics have become indispensable nowadays, and the areas of application are constantly broadened. The level of the requirements has risen in equal measure. The industry demands for high quality raw material, that needs appropriate “online controls” to guarantee best properties for the fields of polymerisation, processing and application. Read More »
Bacchus Marsh – Home of a New High Technology Facility 4/7/2008
Rheology Solutions based in Bacchus Marsh Victoria has signed a license agreement with CSIRO to develop and manufacture a novel process control instrument known as the On-Line Rheometer (OLR). Read More »
New Measuring Cell for UV-Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temperatures 10/04/2008
In industry thermal curing is used in a wide range of applications like powder coating, adhesives, sealants, soldering materials, inks, etc. Recently there is an increased interest in replacing thermal curing by UV assisted thermal curing in an effort to improve product properties, increase productivity and reduce production costs, for example by reducing the amount of energy needed for initiating the curing reaction, at the same time. Read More »
New NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500 – Recirculating Chiller 11/3/2008
This is the third configuration of the Thermo Scientific ThermoFlex platform released by Thermo Fisher Scientific, the NESLAB ThermoFlex 2500. Read More »
HAAKE RheoStress 6000 10/3/2008
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is the new generation of the HAAKE RheoStress series that is focused on standard application in R&D and QC. Read More »
CD-Mode Curing Measurement – HAAKE MARS 24/10/2007
The HAAKE MARS is equipped with a self-learning deformation control loop based on neural network technology for controlled deformation (CD) oscillation measurements. Read More »
Sample Fixture for Bending & Breaking Tests – Accessories for HAAKE MARS 22/10/2007
The HAAKE MARS rheometer is now equipped with a highly sensitive normal force sensor and a very precise lift motor which allows applying controlled axial forces to the sample, pushing or pulling the material. Read More »
Disposable Plate/Plate-Measured Geometry For The Controlled Temperature Chamber (CTC) 26/9/2007
The set consists of an upper shaft and a lower shaft with an integrated temperature sensor. By using the supplied press tool an exact perpendicular alignment and reproducible mounting of the disposable plates on the shafts is guaranteed. Read More »
HAAKE MARS – Cone/Plate Exchangeable Geometries 26/9/2007
Cone/plate – exchangeable measuring geometries for maximum flexibility. Read More »
 CR-Mode – Low Shear Rates HAAKE MARS 19/9/2007
Applying (Very) Low Shear Rates
Most (very) low shear rate measurements are performed in CS Mode, because most real live applications in which (very) low shear rates are important are driven by a constant stress. Examples are sagging, sedimentation, shelf live, phase separation, all phenomena that are driven by a constant force i.e. gravitation. Read More »
HAAKE MARS – Solids Clamp 19/9/2007
New solids clamps for measurements on (semi)-solids. Read More »
NESLAB ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers 15/8/2007
NESLAB ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers deliver a continuous cooling capacity up to 1400 watts. These units are reliable, easy-to-use chillers optimised for the most demanding applications. Read More »
HAAKE MARS – Sample Loading Tool 1/8/2007
Sample loading tool for measurements on pellets and powders using a plate/plate- or cone/plate- measuring geometry. Read More »
New Accessory For HAAKE MARS – R & D Rheometer 12/06/2007
Trimming tool to remove overfilling in a plate/plate-and cone/plate measuring geometry. Read More »
Calibration Oils for Viscometers – Meeting ISO Standards 6/3/2000
A range of calibration fluids in larger volumes is now available from HAAKE through Rheology Solutions. Read More »