A wide selection of  editorials covering products, applications & reports specific to Sensor Systems for HAAKE Viscometers & Rheometers are available.

NEW FT-IR Module for its Rheometer Platform – Rheology and Spectroscopy in Simultaneous Measurements 4/2/2011
The Rheonaut Module by Thermo Fisher Scientific, when used with the HAAKE MARS rheometer platform, helps users understand the causes of rheological properties on a microscopic level. Read More »

Simultaneous Rheological & FT-IR Spectra Measurements 4/2/2011
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III has a number of application solutions within its suite of models and now this has been expanded to include simultaneous rheological and FT-IR spectra measurements. Read More »

Comprehensive Rheological Solution for the Petrochemical Industry 22/6/2009
A comprehensive rheology portfolio for the petrochemical industry that enables analyses of crude oil through refined products, such as bitumen is now available. Read More »

Extended Capabilities HAAKE Rheometers & Viscometers 24/3/2009
HAAKE RheoWin software is user-friendly, with an improved operator interface that offers easy-to-use standard settings for beginners. Typical measuring and evaluation routines can be chosen from a job library. A comprehensive list of predefined measuring and evaluation elements can be combined via “drag & drop” with individual jobs. Read More »

SER – Extensionsal Rheology Systems for HAAKE MARS 4/12/2008
The SER system is a new accessory for the HAAKE MARS with CTC oven which transforms a (rotational) shear rheometer in an extensional rheometer for melts and semi-solids. Read More »

New Measuring Cell for UV-Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temperatures 10/4/2008
In industry thermal curing is used in a wide range of applications like powder coating, adhesives, sealants, soldering materials, inks, etc. Recently there is an increased interest in replacing thermal curing by UV assisted thermal curing in an effort to improve product properties, increase productivity and reduce production costs, for example by reducing the amount of energy needed for initiating the curing reaction, at the same time. Read More »

Sample Fixture for Bending & Breaking Tests – Accessories for HAAKE MARS 22/10/2007
The HAAKE MARS rheometer is now equipped with a highly sensitive normal force sensor and a very precise lift motor which allows applying controlled axial forces to the sample, pushing or pulling the material. Read More »

Disposable Plate/Plate-Measured Geometry For The Controlled Temperature Chamber (CTC) 26/9/2007
The set consists of an upper shaft and a lower shaft with an integrated temperature sensor. By using the supplied press tool an exact perpendicular alignment and reproducible mounting of the disposable plates on the shafts is guaranteed. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Cone/Plate Exchangeable Geometries 26/9/2007
Cone/plate – exchangeable measuring geometries for maximum flexibility. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials 26/9/2007
New measuring cell for rheology of building materials. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Solids Clamp 19/9/2007
New solids clamps for measurements on (semi)-solids. Read More »

HAAKE MARS – Sample Loading Tool 1/8/2007
Sample loading tool for measurements on pellets and powders using a plate/plate- or cone/plate- measuring geometry. Read More »

New Accessory For HAAKE MARS – R & D Rheometer 12/6/2007
Trimming tool to remove overfilling in a plate/plate-and cone/plate measuring geometry. Read More »