The Thermo Scientific HAAKE systems are designed with minimal installation and maintenance requirements, and suit the most demanding applications from Research & Development through to production.

The systems are suited for a range of mixing and extruding applications that span the following industries: • masterbatch compounding • polymer modification and alloying • powder coating • catalytic reactive extrusion • polymer additives • pharmaceutical • energetic/explosives compounding • polymer rheology and dispersion testing

Thermo Scientific – Material Characterisation & Testing

Stand-Alone Compounding Systems

Stand-alone twin screw extruders for research and development, quality control, pilot plant and small scale production.

Thermo Scientific EuroLab 16mm XL Extension Option

Bolt-On Extension for EuroLab 16mm extruder changes the barrel length from 25:1 to 40:1.

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Thermo Scientific Twin Screw Extruder 24 MC

Small-scale continuous processing 24mm extruder for manufacturing samples, output up to 50 kg/h.

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Twin Screw Extruders for Pharmaceutical Applications

Twin Screw extruders for hot melt extrusion and continuous granulation in pharmaceutical research and development or production.

Thermo Scientific PHARMA Hot Melt Extruder

Small-scale continuous processing in R&D or production in the pharmaceutical industry. 16mm

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Thermo Scientific Pharma MINI HME

Conical Micro-Compounder for Hot Melt Extrusion in R & D for the Pharmacuetical Industry.

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Thermo Scientific PHARMA Twin Screw Granulator

Used for R&D or production of pharmaceutical granulations. Throughput up to 50kg/h. 16mm & 2

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