Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific Twin Screw Extruder 24 MC

The versatile Thermo Scientific Twin Screw Extruder 24MC compounder provides small-scale continuous processing for manufacturing with sample outputs of up to 50 kg/h.

This flexible extruder is easy to operate, simple to clean, and can be configured for the most aggressive applications.

The proven “clam-shell” design of the 24 mm opening barrel gives immediate access to the screws for easy cleaning and quick configuration changes. New, replaceable barrel liners can be manufactured from special materials to handle aggressive applications. High, free-volume geometry improves feeding of low-density ingredients.

The new Thermo Scientific compounder features PLC control with wireless data logging and recipe storage to ensure reliable and repeatable results. Products can be related back to processing conditions. A rugged touch screen with microprocessor controls enables both simple operation and full data acquisition. The extruder’s “Plug and Play” feature allows quick connections for feeders, vacuum systems and ancillary equipment.

• Compounding
• Masterbatch
• Nanocomposites
• Blown film
• Sheet extrusion

• Polymers, Adhesives, Ceramics, Pharmaceuticals, Food

• Plug and Play system
• PLC control with wireless data logging
• Recipe storage

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