Rheology Solutions offers a comprehensive exclusive selection of products from the leading manufacturers across material testing instruments, polymer testing instruments, process rheometers, process viscometers, rheometers, sensor systems for rheometers and viscometers, twin screw extruders, temperature control, and viscometers.

Schleibinger BT2 Concrete Rheometer

Material Testing Instruments
The Schleibinger range of testing systems is specifically designed and developed for the testing of construction materials such as cement paste, mortar, fine concrete, plaster etc. The range includes rotational viscometers, compact viscometers, freeze/thaw units, shrinkage cones and shrinkage/expansion units. Read More »

Thermo Scientific HAAKE PolyLab QC system

Polymer Testing Instruments
The polymer testing products from the Thermo Scientific HAAKE range and Optical Control Systems (OCS) are specifically designed as measurement and material testing equipment for polymer manufacturers and polymer processing. These products include: injection moulder, micro extruder with viscosity measurements, laboratory – pilot scale instrumented mixer, laboratory – pilot scale extruder, high torque drive unit with modular torque rheometer &/or single or twin screw extruder. They also allow for the measurements and recording of in-homogeneities and black specks as well as other physical, chemical and rheological parameters important in the production of polymers. Read More »

Optical Control Systems – OP5

Process Rheometers
A range of process rheometers are available to provide continuous information within process environments. These systems provide continuous process flow characterisation for polymers, chemical, petrochemical, slurries, pharmaceutical and food industries. Read More »

Marimex ViscoScope Sensor

Process Viscometers
The Marimex Industries ViscoScope Systems measure the dynamic viscosity of liquids continually and precisely in-line. The ViscoScope system consists of a rugged sensor and associated electronics, which has been designed for process environments. The sensor has a rugged design and high resistance against foreign influences and can be applied in many industries including chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and food industries. Read More »

Capillary Breakup Extensional Rheometer (CaBER)

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE rheometers characterise a fluid by its viscous properties and also the elastic properties of the material. They quantify viscous and elastic behaviour with creep testing – dynamic tests (oscillation method) – normal force measurements – shear – or stress jumps – electrorheology – SHRP – high temperature – high pressure. Read More »

HAAKE VT550 Cone Plate Sensors

Sensor Systems Viscometers & Rheometers
A range of sensor systems are available for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE range of Viscometers and Rheometers to meet the application requirements of various tests and samples. Read More »

Thermo Scientific Sc150-A5B Refrigerted Circulator

Temperature Control
Our range includes solutions for heating and cooling applications that will provide you the most flexible, cost effective temperature control solutions for a multitude of industries and uses.

These include: • analytical instruments • biological • biotechnology • chemical • environmental • food & beverages • laboratories • manufacturing • packaging • petrochemical • pharmaceutical • printing • process • QA & QC • raw materials • research & development • universities

Some 100 products are itemised and each product has full technical specifications. The range and diversity of the temperature control baths available has been established to meet the control requirements across the depth and breath of temperature control applications. Read More »

Thermo Scientific TSE 24 MC open

Twin Screw Extruders
The Thermo Scientific HAAKE systems are designed with minimal installation and maintenance requirements, and suit the most demanding applications from Research & Development through to production.

The systems are suited for a range of mixing and extruding applications that span the following industries: • masterbatch compounding • polymer modification and alloying • powder coating • catalytic reactive extrusion • polymer additives • pharmaceutical • energetic/explosives compounding • polymer rheology and dispersion testing. Read More »

VT01/02 Carry Case

HAAKE VT01/02 in carry case

The Thermo Scientific HAAKE Viscotester family defines viscous properties of a fluid at ambient or defined temperatures usually at atmospheric pressure and standard gravity. The rotational viscometer range cover the needs for fast batch controls up to the demanding requirements of QC applications. Read More »