Rheology Solutions Pty Ltd operates a national service and calibration facility to support their entire product range. All service and calibrations performed by Rheology Solutions are by qualified factory trained engineers.

Our service and calibration work is supported directly from the central service department of all of our agencies, which provide the Australian user base with technical back-up and support, resulting in a proficient service.


Why check calibration ?
The accuracy of the electronic components used in all instruments drifts over time. The effects of time in service as well as environmental conditions add to this drift. As time progresses changes in component values cause greater uncertainty in your measurements. At some point in time, the drift causes the instruments uncertainty to become undefined, meaning the manufacturer can no longer predict the uncertainty and guarantee measurement results. To resolve this issue instruments must be calibrated at regular intervals as defined by the manufacturer.

A calibration check is the comparison of an instruments performance to a standard of known accuracy. The result of a calibration check may be documentation showing the deviation of a measurement from the known standard or it may also include adjusting the instruments measurement capability to improve accuracy (re-calibration).

The goal of a calibration check is to quantify and improve the measurement accuracy of your instrument.

The benefits of maintaining properly calibrated equipment include:

Reduced measurement errors
Consistency between measurements
Increases in production yields

Assurance you are making accurate measurements

Rheology Solutions recommends that you periodically calibrate your hardware to ensure measurement accuracy and to keep your instrument operation in peak precision.

Our Service for Rheometers, Viscometers and Water Baths include:

Repair, maintenance and calibration for viscometers and rheometers.
Calibrations are carried out according to Thermo Scientific HAAKE directives (DIN/ISO standards) and confirmed using certified and recognised calibration oils (DKD oils)
Maintenance on site including certified and recognised standards for all viscometers from the VT550 range upwards
Comprehensive maintenance contracts.
Repair, maintenance and calibration for temperature control products including water baths are provided

Co-ordination, despatch and local point of contact for all instruments that require repairs or maintenance at the Thermo Scientific HAAKE central service department in Germany

We offer service and technical support across our entire agency and product range, which include the following product names:

Process Viscometers

Web Inspection Systems

Materials Testing Instruments


Thermo Scientific – Temperature Control Products

Water Baths and Bath, Circulator & Chiller Accessories

Thermo Scientific – HAAKE Material Characterisation & Testing Products


Thermo Scientific – HAAKE Temperature Control Products
Other Circulators – Shaking Water Baths

Water Baths and Bath, Circulators & Chiller Accessories

Thermo Scientific – NESLABTemperature Control Products
Other Circulators – Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Water Baths and Bath, Circulator & Chiller Accessories

For further information on your service and or calibration requirements

Email: service@rheologysolutions.com
Phone: 03 5367 7477