Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific NESLAB Immersion Circulators

The Thermo Scientific NESLAB CC Series of immersion coolers are easy to use and designed to enhance your low temperature laboratory work. Add the Cryotrol option and you can cool fluid quickly to a set temperature.

They are ideal to meet the demanding application requirements with cooling down to -90°C.

Temperature Range: -90°C to +40°C

Typical applications

Vapour trapping
Freeze drying
Solvent trapping
Freezing points
Impact testing
Shell freezing

Dry ice replacement


Mechanical Refrigeration System offers continuous low temperature cooling, dry-ice substitution, precise temperature control and optimum stability
Three standard probes meet requirements for a variety of applications
Stainless steel coil easily adapts to most open baths

CFC-free refrigerant provides rapid cool down and is environmentally safe


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