Our range includes solutions for heating and cooling applications that will provide you the most flexible, cost effective temperature control solutions for a multitude of industries and uses.

These include: • analytical instruments • biological • biotechnology • chemical • environmental • food & beverages • laboratories • manufacturing • packaging • petrochemical • pharmaceutical • printing • process • QA & QC • raw materials • research & development • universities

Some 100 products are itemised and each product has full technical specifications. The range and diversity of the temperature control baths available has been established to meet the control requirements across the depth and breath of temperature control applications.

Thermo Scientific – Temperature Control

Heating Circulators

Heating circulators control temperatures in smaller external systems such as density meters, viscometers, photometers, Refractometer or similar devices. Powerful pressure pumps provide a good heat exchange with closed systems and thus optimum temperature accuracy.

Thermo Scientific VersaCool

Refrigerated or Heated Recirculating bath with NEW Headless design.  

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Thermo Scientific SAHARA Heating Bath Circulators

Range of sizes, depths & materials (SS, PPO or Transparent). Temperature range +13°C – +20

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Immersion Circulators/Coolers
Immersion Circulators

Immersion circulators offering a wide temeprature range to cool, heat, circulate and maintain a constant temperature.

Thermo Scientific Refrigerated & Heating Thermostats

Designed to be matched up with either a refrigerated or heating bath. Std, Advanced, Premium models.

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Immersion Coolers

Immersion coolers offer wide temperature ranges and integrated control that can be used for accessory cooling, or to replace consumables such as dry ice or liquid nitrogen. The easiest way to cool small samples and are a reliable and flexible alternative to tap water cooling.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE EK Immersion Coolers

Suitable for individual cooling applications of smaller volumes down to -90°C.

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB CC Immersion Chillers

Ideal to meet the demanding application requirements with cooling down to -90°C.

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Recirculating Chillers

Refrigerated chillers cover wide temperature ranges, where cooling and circulating only are required to meet your application needs. Appropriate for cooling analytical instrumentation or running a complex temperature profile.

Thermo Scientific NESLAB ThermoFlex Recirculating Chillers

Delivers a continuous cooling capacity from 900 watts up to 24,000 watts.

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Thermo Scientific Polar Laboratory Chillers

Heat and cool external applications. Temperature range -10°C to +80°C. Cooling capacity 250W or 500W

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Thermo Scientific ThermoChill Recirculating Chiller

Compact line of refrigerated recirculators ranging in cooling capacities from 600 – 2000 watts

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Refrigerated/ULT Circulators
Refrigerated Circulators

Refrigerated bath circulators cover wide temperature ranges to meet you application needs. Appropriate for cooling analytical instrumentation or running a complex temperature profile

Thermo Scientific VersaCool

Refrigerated or Heated Recirculating bath with NEW Headless design.  

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Thermo Scientific ARCTIC Refrigerated Bath Circulators

In a range of sizes, depths & openings. Temperature Range -40°C – +300°C.

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Ultra Low Temperature Circulators

When your cooling needs require temperature as low as -75°C to -90°C. Designed primarily to circulate to external closed loop applications.

Thermo Scientific GLACIER Ultra Low Refrigerated Circulators

High heating & cooling capacity. Rapid heat up & cool down. Temperature range -50°C –

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB ULT Ultra Low Circulators

Designed for circulating to external applications. Temperature Range -90°C to +10°C

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Other Circulators 
Fog Testing System

Complete systems designed to determin the values as defined in the DIN, ISO and SAE standards. Improved and expanded line of fog testing systems with multiple levels, features and performance that measure VOCs for leather, vinyl, plastics and textiles for automotive, marine, transportation, or aerospace.

Thermo Scientific Horizon Fogging Test System

Used to determine the evaporation of volatile components, primarily used in the automotive industry.

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Shaking Water Baths

Baths for samples that need to be temperature controlled and shaken. Accurate temperature control, variable fluid levels and easy cleaning make operation and maintenance simple.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Shaking Water Bath

Features a safety level for constant-running in addition to a very accurate temperature control.

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Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Utilise your in-house water supply to remove heat from your water-cooled application. These cost-effective, compact, reliable units provide up to 100kW of cooling and supply clean, temperature-controlled collant to your application.

Thermo Scientific NESLAB Water to Water Heat Exchangers

Provide heat removal from an existing in-house water supply. Temperature range +5°C – +35°C

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Water Baths and Bath, Circulator & Chiller Accessories
Water Baths

The broadest range of water bath sizes and models Set-it-and-forget-it accuracy, faster heat-up to temperature and easy calibration.

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Baths

Range of baths covering different volumes from 4 litres to 44 litres and made from stainless steel.

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Thermo Scientific Refrigerated & Heating Baths

Circulating baths with varying volumes to suit the varied need of all applications.

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Bath, Circulator & Chiller Accessories

Water bath, recirculating chiller and dry bath accessories including tube racks, bath cover and fillers.

Thermo Scientific Smart-Vue

Protect your samples with continuous data logging and real-time alarms.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Baths – Tubing & Bath Liquids

Insulated Metal/PVC/Viton/Perbunan/Silicone tubings & fittings and heat transfer liquids.

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Thermo Scientific HAAKE Pt100-Sensors / Replenishing Device / Booster Pump

Range of sensors for external temperature control applications with circulators and cryostats.

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Thermo Scientific NESLAB NEScomm Software

Allows you to use your computer to fully automate the temperature control process.

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