Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific NESLAB Ultra Low Temperature Circulator

The Thermo Scientific NESLAB ULT Series refrigerated bath circulators are self-contained, compact, cooling units designed for circulating to external applications.

They provide temperature stability for calibration applications and for instrumentation cooling. Designed to achieve low temperatures and maintain excellent temperature stability for consistent results.

Temperature Ranges -95°C to +80°C

Typical applications

Heat exchangers
Cloud point / pour point
Cell freezing
Viscosity studies
Kinestic cooling
Cooling GC ovens

Petroleum studies


Circulating Pump
Force/Suction pump
Digital Temperature controller
Cascade refrigeration system
Automatic load reset
Digital Display

Stainless steel bath


Sealed lid for ULT80
Remote Sensor
Hollow ball kit
Stainless steel levelling device (used with standard ring)
Flow controller (required for Stainless steel levelling device)


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