Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Immersion Cooler EK90

These coolers are equipped with an air-cooled cooling circuit and are suitable for individual cooling applications.


Cooling smaller volumes down to -90°C
Removing reaction heat
Replacing tap water cooling

The lowest reachable temperature depends upon

The quantity of liquid
The type of liquid and its viscosity
The bath insulation

Immersion Coolers HAAKE EK20/EK30

Used together with the open-bath circulators, these coolers provide an alternative to tap water cooling. The lowest attainable temperature and the cooling down times are illustrated in the diagrams.

The EK20 is designed for baths with a 15 cm depth and the EK30 for baths with a depth of at least 20 cm. Vessels can of other sizes also be cooled. End temperatures of -25°C resp. -30°C can be reached in a 5 L Dewar vessel.

Immersion Cooler HAAKE EK45

This multi-purpose cooler has its own controller with digital temperature display, reaching temperatures down to -45°C in a 5 L Dewar vessel. The controller enables temperature accuracy of approx. 1°C to 2°C. Improvement is possible using a stirrer.

Immersion Cooler HAAKE EK90

This unit is designed for working temperatures down to -90°C. The cooling coil is flexible and can therefore be adapted to suit virtually any bath shape. The minimum diameter of the vessel to be cooled is 110 mm.

Optional Accessories

Trolley with casters (EK90)
Holder to fix EK20, EK30, EK45 onto a wall with a thickness of 25mm

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