Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific Pharma Twin Screw Granulator

The Thermo Scientific PHARMA Twin Screw Granulator (TSG) is, specifically designed for pharmaceutical applications.

The Thermo Scientific PHARMA TSG eliminates batch variation and decreases ingredient and equipment costs through a continuous mixing process, enabling operators to use smaller, more precise amounts of expensive ingredients.

The Thermo Scientific PHARMA TSG eliminates the need for large, expensive single-batch equipment and offers operators a more flexible and accurate method of pharmaceutical production.

Comprehensive Range of Capabilities
Available in 16 mm and 24 mm sizes, PHARMA TSG can be used for research, development or production of pharmaceutical granulations. Special feeders have been developed to optimise dosing of low bulk density and difficult-to-feed API materials.

The horizontally split barrels (up to 40:1 L/D) have a crevice-free, GMP design. Quick release clamps give easy access to screws and process contact surfaces for cleaning or configuration changes. The barrel is modular, with segments available for feeding solids and liquids, or for venting. Both the barrel liners and screws can be completely removed from the granulator for thorough cleaning.

The touch-screen display is easy to use and easy to clean. The PLC incorporates data acquisition with an option to download to a remote computer for archiving and analysis. The controls include recipe storage of preset extruder parameters for repeatable process conditions. PAT can be applied for in-process monitoring.


Reduced clean room area
Consistent, controllable processing
Suitable for PAT
Reduced ATEX risk
On-demand production
Minimize scale-up risk

Reliable cleaning


Removable components: barrel liners and screws can be completely removed from the granulator for thorough cleaning
High free volume: unique design improves the intake for low density or difficult-to-feed active pharmaceutical ingredients (API)
Reduced scale-up risks: users run production on the same equipment as development, and can utilise a 16mm Thermo Scientific PHARMA TSG to replace 3 – 60 litre batch granulator (a 24mm PHARMA TSG will match the performance of 300 – 600 litre batch processors)

Reduced in-process inventory: minimizes risks to expensive ingredients and from ATEX hazards. Maximum volume of ingredients in the process is approximately 100 ml for 16 mm and 360 ml for 24 mm twin screw granulators.

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