Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific EuroLab 16mm XL

NEW Extendable Length (XL) Series Twin Screw Compounders – Thermo Scientific Eurolab Now With Bolt-On Extension Option

This is a new version of its successful Thermo Scientific Eurolab 16mm twin screw extruder. To give the processor even greater flexibility, it is now possible to purchase the standard 25:1 L/D compounder, and, at a later date, to convert to a 40:1 version by the simple addition of a bolt-on 15:1 L/D barrel extension.

The longer barrel allows multi stage compounding of nano-composites or reactive compounding where long residence times are required. With a horizontally split design the extruder can be easily opened by lifting off the top half of the barrel for thorough cleaning, screw configuration changes or dead-stop melt studies. The upper barrel is assembled from 4:1 L/D segments, which can be easily rearranged to change the position of feeding or venting ports.

The Thermo Scientific Eurolab XL is controlled through a new colour touch screen, with enhanced graphics and an advanced PLC with “plug and play” facility recognising when additional ancillary equipment (or the barrel extension) is connected. The controls allow storage of a process configuration and set points to give repeatable operating conditions. Data acquisition is standard for an on-screen trend display, or connection to a PC for full data logging and analysis.

Ancillary Equipment

Strand and face-cut pelletisers

Cast sheet and blown film lines

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