Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III

The innovative Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III system has been designed for flexibility and meets the most demanding requirements in research and development with an architecture that permits integration of custom modules. The concept is designed to meet today’s and future rheology needs while protecting prior accessory investments.

The HAAKE MARS III is suitable for all industries and has specific industry accessories for Polymers,  Petrochemicals,  Paints, Inks and Coatings,  Pharmaceutical and Cosmetics.

The new HAAKE MARS III features include:

New temperature modules with enhanced temperature control accuracy and expanded temperature module range for application like starch and polymers
New comprehensive accessory range to meet individual measuring needs like simultaneous measurements of theology and optical properties, new measuring geometries and sample protection
Optimised frame and easy handling due to quick fit connections, user-friendly display and control panel
Improved low-torque performance for sensitive samples
Investment protection with compatibility for predecessor accessories
Performance upgrade option allows existing HAAKE MARS customers to benefit for the latest developments

Multi-lingual Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoWin software with fully automatic measuring and evaluation routines for professionals and beginners


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The HAAKE MARS offers

Interchangeable temperature control units
Liquid temperature controlled cylinder system (-40°C* to +200°C)
Liquid temperature controlled cone & plate system (-80°C* to + 350°C)
Electrically heated cylinder system (30°C to +300°C **)
Electrically heated cone & plate system (-80°C* to +500°C)
Peltier controlled cone & plate system (-60°C* to +185°C)
Closed temperature chamber (-150°C to +600°C)

* depending on the temperature control unit used ** using suitable measuring geometries

Integrated web server for remote monitoring
CR, CS, CD mode in rotation

CS and CD in oscillation

Axial force measurement during rotation and during axial movement in tension and compression

Temperature control units ensure reliable operation at temperatures from -150°C to 600°C.

Special measurement equipment can be integrated including
Pressure cells up to 400 bar
UV cell for measuring UV-hardened materials

Optical module for the synchronous analysis of rheological properties and the microscopic structure of a sample

A spectrum of applications can be covered from an extensive range of measurement geometries
Coaxial cylinders
Plates and cones (as well as disposable and customised version)

Additional Product Information:

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MARS III Product Brochure & Specifications 2.5mb Download
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