Manufactured By: Thermo Fisher Scientific

Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rheometer Temperature Sensors

General Accessories for ALL Thermo Scientific HAAKE Rheometers (including .. HAAKE RotoVisco 1, HAAKE RheoStress 1)

Temperature Modules
Measuring Geometries
Plate / plate and Cone / plate geometries
Coaxial cylinders
Sample hoods
Software modules
Standard / Test Fluids
Accessories for customised set-ups
Application solutions for:
Pharmaceuticals & cosmestics
Paints, inks & coatings


EXCLUSIVE Accessories for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000

Application-oriented measuring cells
Pressure cells
Construction material cell
Universal holder for individual containers
UV curing cells
3 point bending tool
Submersion flow cell
Tribology cell

Interfacial rheology

EXCLUSIVE Accessories for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS III

Application-oriented measuring cells
Pressure cells
Construction material cell
Universal holder for individual containers
UV curing cells
Control test chamber
Submersion flow cell
Tribology cell
Interfacial rheology
Combined methods
RheoScope – mircoscope coupling
Rheonaut – FTIR coupling


 Bending/Breaking Tool
Universal Container Holder
Disposable Plate/Cone Geometry
RheoWin Software
Test Fluids
Control Test chamber with SER Tool
Peltier Temperature Module for Cylinders
UV Curing Cell
Tribology Sensor
ThermoSheild Sensors
RheoScope Module
Double Cone Sensor
RheoStress - Pressure Measuring Cell
Solvent Trap - Teflon
Sample Trimming Tool
Sample Loading Tool
UV Curing Cell - Mounted
Cell for Mortars
 Solids Clamp
Measuring Cell for Building Materials
Cone/Plate Exchangable Geometry
FTIR Module
Temperature Control Modules
 Disposable Plate/Plate-Measure Geometry for MARS

Additional Product Information:

Rheometer/s Item Size Download
MARS Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS Accessories Brochure 889kb Download
RheoStress 6000 Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000 Accessories Brochure 1234kb Download
All Investigation of Curing Behaviour with a Newly Designed Ring Rotor (P-001) 168kb Download
All Sample Loading Tool for Measurements on Pellets & Powders using a Plate/plate or cone/plate Measuring Geometry (P-002) 93kb Download
All Trimming Tool to Remove Overfilling in a Plate/plate or Cone/plate Measuring Geometry (P-003) 78kb Download
MARS Solids Clamps for Measurements on (Semi)-Solids (P-004) 80kb Download
MARS Cone/plate-exchangeable Measuring Geometries for Maximum Flexibility (P-005) 98kb Download
All New Measuring Cell for Rheology of Building Materials (P-006) 82kb Download
All Sample hood with Integrated Solvent Trap (P-007) 103kb Download
MARS SPIP Software for Analysis of RheoScope Images (P-009) 1.04mb Download
MARS Disposable Plate/plate-measuring Geometry for the Controlled Temperature Chamber (CTC) (P-010) 148kb Download
MARS Support Fixture for the Analysis of Textile Samples (P-012) 128kb Download
All UV-Curing Cell for HAAKE Rheometers (P-013) 210kb Download
MARS HAAKE MARS Sample Fixture for Bending & Breaking Tests (P-014) 154kb Download
All Standard Liquids (P-015) 129kb Download
MARS Tool for Checking the Optical Quality of the RheoScope Module (P-016) 160kb Download
MARS New Measuring Cell for UV Assisted Thermal Curing at Elevated Temepratures (P-017) 142kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000
Universal Container Holder for HAAKE MARS & HAAKE Rheostress 6000 (P-018) 135kb Download
MARS SER – Extensional Rheology System for Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS (P-019) 134kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 Vane Rotors for Pressure Cells for HAAKE MARS and HAAKE RheoStress 6000 (P-021) 122kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 UV Curing Cell for an Individual Arrangement of Optical Components (P-022) 170kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 Tribology Cell for HAAKE Rheometers (P-023) 190kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 Submersion Flow Cell (P-024) 104kb Download 
MARS/RheoStress 6000 Du Nouy Ring for Interfacial Rheology (P-026) 108kb Download
MARS Microtiter Plate (P-027) 97kb Download
MARS Exchangable Lower Plates for Temperature Module (P-029) 128kb Download
MARS Flexible Holder for Individual Components for Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS (P-031) 115kb Download
All Temperature Control Unit Peltier Cylinder – A New Dimension in Performance, Ease of use & Flexibility (P-032) 79kb Download
MARS Spectroscopial Insight into Rheology with the Rheonaut Module for the Thermo Scientific HAAKE MARS Rheometer (P-033) 95kb Download
CaBER 1 Normal Force Option for Thermo Scientific HAAKE CaBER 1 (P-034) 263kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 New Series of Sample Hoods with Integrated Solvent Trap for Plates / Cones and Cylinders (P-035) 111kb Download
MARS/RheoStress 6000 Double Gap Geometry for Pressure Cell D400/300 (P-036) 134kb Download
MARS New UV Module for UV Curing Measurements – HAAKE MARS (P-037) 123kb Download
MARS Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoScope Module: image Acquisition at (Very) High Shear Rates Using a Stoboscope Light Source (P-040) 123kb Download
MARS CD-Mode Curing Measurement – HAAKE MARS CD-Mode (PS-001) 178kb Download
MARS CR-Mode Low Shear Rates – Applying (Very) Low Shear Rates (PS-002) 241kb Download
MARS RheoAdaptive Control – Ultra Low Rotational Speed Control and Fast Response Times (PS-003) 124kb Download
MARS RheoAdaptive Control – Yield Stress Determination on Fragile Structures (PS-004) 169kb Download
MARS RheoAdaptive Control – Viscosity Measurement over an Extremely Wide Shear-Rate Range (PS-005) 153kb Download
MARS RheoScope Module 143kb Download

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