Thermo Scientific Horizon Fogging Test System with Accel 250 Circulator

The Thermo Scientific Horizon Fogging Test System allows you to measure the amount of volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) emitted from materials used in manufacturing according DIN standards.

It simulates the exposure to hot and cold and replicates the long term affects on the materials (ie. cracking, breaking & shrinking). It determines that a material is safe to use and durable.

Key Benefits:

Easy to use:
Drain located on front of unit
Fill vent on top of unit
Step by step set-up instructions (quick start guide)
Saves time and money:
Large volume tank with 6 flasks allows user to do more tests at once
Multiple configurations to create the perfect fit for your needs
Quality & reliability:
Robust pump design for uniform heat transfer.

Tight temperature control ensures difference between plate inlet and outlet do not exceed 1°C

Key Features:

Cooling plates mounted to side of tank for convenient storing
Sealed bath surface prevents liquid vapour from condensing on the glass plates
Easy to view, liquid level indicator to ensure proper fluid levels are maintained

4 adjustable feet to make sure bath is level