Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

CDF / CIF Freeze-Thaw Unit

The Schleibinger CDF-/CIF system is for testing the freeze-thaw resistance of concrete according to EN 12390-9, RILEM and other standards.

The advantage of this test method is in the very good reproducibility of the results. With this test procedure, the weathered quantity of a surface is measured by a number of freeze-thaw cycles. The test specimens are thereby placed in a solution of sodium chloride to stress the surface. The result gives an estimate for the resistance to freeze-thaw cycling for the concrete being tested.

Durability is, alongside the strength, one of the most important properties of concrete. It depends on the type of building and the environmental conditions. Especially in road construction a high resistance to freeze-thaw cycles is of major importance and is thus one of the major criteria in testing.

Testing the Freeze-Thaw Resistance – Inner Damage

The inner damage is measured by the ultrasonic test, the resonance frequency test, or the length change.

Die Freeze Thaw test may be done with 3 different procedures:

  • Freezing on air, thawing under water (Slabtester with option natural stone test)
  • Slabtest
  • CDF/CIF Test


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