Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

Accessories for the Schleibinger CDF-/CIF Freeze-Thaw Tester

CDF-/CIF Accessory – Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath


Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath
Ultrasonic Cleaning Bath (Sonorex Super RK 514) for removing loose parts from the concrete surface





Digital Indicating Tester


Ultrasonic Digital Indicating Tester
For measuring the transit time of ultrasonic waves incl. 80 kHz or 54 kHz transducers
Ultrasound couplant, two 3.55 m cables, complete with plugs, manual and carrying bag



Ultrasonic Test Container



Ultrasonic Test Container
For ultrasonic transit time measurement with the Pundit tester
Made of PMMA
With long transducers allowing the testing of specimens of 110 x 150 mm or 110 x 100 mm



Specimen Carrier


Specimen Carrier
Stainless steel plate
During the ultra sonic transition time test, the specimens are placed on this plate to avoid loss of scaled material, for specimens with a maximum size of 110 x 150 mm



Specimen Container


Specimen Container GNB1/2
18/8 stainless steel



Specimen Container for Cube Test



Specimen Container for the Cube Test
Made of 2 mm thick stainless steel
For two (100 x 100 x 100 mm) cubes, including lid and special spacers
A maximum of 15 containers fit in the CDF apparatus



Hopper Container


Hopper Container
Container for 10 hoppers, with tap water





Made of PVDF-cones
10mm for CDF test (3 needed for each test)
5mm for CF test (3 needed for each test)


Water Jet Pump


Water Jet Pump
Unit for adjusting liquid levels.The suction device consists of a capillary tube with a spacer that is connected with a water jet pump to suck up the excessive liquid in the test containers




PTFE Disks H-Form

PTFE Disks H-Form
According to the DIN-CEN TS 12390-9





PTFE Disks


Filter Papers





Foil with Butyl Rubber

Butyl Rubber
To glue specimens 




Other Accessories

Liquid Coolant
Cooling Liquid Tester
Holder for temperature sensor
6 channel recorder

Case holder – to place the test container

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