Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

Freeze-Thaw Slabtester

The Schleibinger Slab-Tester is a temperature and time controlled freeze-thaw system. It allows freezing and thawing of the concrete specimen according to preEN 12390-9 and prEN 1339 EN 1367-1, DIN V 18004 and 1340:2002.

The test requires four specimens obtained from four cubes.

Temperature Cycles
One frost thaw cycle is run in 24 hours. The temperature shall exceed 0oC during each cycle for at least 7hrs but not more than 9hrs. The reference temperature is measured in the middle of the test surface and may deviate, between 2,5oC and 5oC from the target temperature

Measuring Scaling
After 7, 14, 28, 42 and 56 days the weight of the scaled material is measured, after the surface has been brushed.

Programming Tool, Internet Interface and Data Logger
This feature makes the Schleibinger Slabtester much more sophisticated. You can input up to 8 programs for the temperature over time. Two additional temperature measuring devices for measuring the temperature in the freezing medium on the test surface and in the air. The data from the last temperature cycles are recorded and can be downloaded from any PC by a ethernet TCP/IP interface. So the Slabtester can be operated by an internet browser from any PC in your intranet. Up to 8 own temperature programs may be created. A data acquisition module stores the temperature date of the last 4 weeks. The temperature curve of the last 24hrs may be plotted on the color touch screen.

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