Thermo Scientific HAAKE RheoStress 6000

The new HAAKE RheoStress 6000 benefits from the latest MARS technology developments.

The improved specifications are regarding two components, improved air bearing specifications and the change of the normal force sensor technology.

The normal force sensor of the HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is based on temperature-compensated strain gauge technology and enables normal force measurements in the range of 0.01 to 50 N in both positive and negative direction.

This technology offers the possibility to perform sensitive normal force measurements even on samples with low viscoelasticity.

In addition the new sensor enables to control the normal force in the sample to compensate for sample shrinkage and expansion when measuring semisolids.

The patented 4th generation air bearing in the HAAKE RheoStress 6000 is the result of more then 25 years of experience with the design and manufacturing of porous carbon air bearings.

The air bearing consists of three individual air bearings:
• One axial air bearing that supports the motor shaft in the vertical (axial) direction and is responsible for excellent axial stiffness.
• Two widely spaced radial air bearings that support the motor shaft in the radial direction and prevent the shaft from tilting.

A full copy of the application note is available on request by quoting V-231