Manufactured By: Schleibinger Gerate

Schleibinger eBT2 Concrete Rheometer

Schleibinger eBT2 Concrete Rheometer

The Schleibinger eBT2 is a compact rheometer for fresh concrete. It is opposite to the spread table or slump flow the concrete is tested at various loads. Therefore you can determine a relative yield stress and a relative viscosity. The construction avoids structural breakdown and segregation during measuring. The eBT2 is small, battery driven and easy to use.

A sample of test material is placed in a sample container. The eBT2 is fixed in the middle of the container and is turning one round. The internal processor monitors the measuring data i.e. The forces on the 2 probes and the angular velocity. On completion of the measurement the readings may be wireless transferred and displayed at an external smart phone (included).

As with most rheometers, the shear stress is measured at various speeds when a probe is rotating in the container. With the eBT2 you will get two speeds at the same time. So one convolution is enough. You will never measure on the same place two times. So there is no segregation of the aggregates and the mortar.

The system is driven by a rechargeable battery. The ideal instrument specially designed for the building site.

Short measurement cycle
Easy handling
No structural breakdown during the measurement
No segregation ore sedimentation during the measurement
includes. Android running smart phone © , software, specimen container, battery charging unit.

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