Manufactured By: Optical Control Systems GmbH

Multiple Plaque Anlayser MPA100

The Multiple Plaque Analyser MPA100 system from Optical Control Systems, is a small compact table unit consisting of a special high-resolution camera and a special lighting unit to detect impurities on the surface of several plaques.

Transparent materials like Polypropylene, Polyethylene, Polycarbonate,glass, etc. can be examined as well as opaque materials like ABS, paper, metals or textiles. The MPA is suitable for laboratory use, R&D and QC. It is able to detect a multiplicity of current irregularities as holes, scratches or other surface contaminations. At first all of the detectable samples are fixed in a removable magazine (which includes up to 20 flat blanks) before a robot system takes one small plate automatically and places it in the measurement chamber.

An area scan camera, which is connected to a high performance image-processing computer, takes pictures from the sample flat blank and the image evaluation software inspects the ionised air cleaned surface of it. The special shadow free lighting unit allows a high sensitive analysis of the surfaces.

Performance Characteristics

One rotating and removable magazine for up to 20 plaques

Flat Blank Handling
To detect the top- and bottom side of the sample, a grappler with rotation function turns the small plates automatically

Flat Blank Cleaning
Ionised air cleans the samples before any detection, to prevent potential measurement nonconformities due to dust, etc.

Menu-controlled Windows interface and easy customisation

Real-time Defect Analysis
Rapid evaluation and representation of the measurement results in various table ways

Performance data schedule about all sample plaques, each plaque itself and both sides of every sample plaque
Bar chart about all plaques, each plaque itself and both plaque sides of each sample

Defect Visualisation
The defects on the top side as well as on the bottom side of every small plate are allegorised as defect images in a mosaic view

Open Database
The protocol data can be converted into and stored in all common file formats (Word, Exel, etc.)

Additional Product Information:

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