In this issue:

Technical Papers
• Laboratory and Process Quality Control Techniques for Polymer Manufacturing and Polymer Processing Industries
• Rheological Properties of Fresh Building Materials
• Rheological Measurements: The Easy Way of Testing Mayonnaise
• The Influence of Alkali Sulphates on the Fluidity of Cement Pastes containing Superplasticiser
• On Line Loop concept to Monitor Four Production Lines – Cast Film Extruders
• A Novel Rheometer for Refractor Castables
• Materials Testing for Chemical and General Manufacturing Industries
• Materials Testing for Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic and Allied Industries
• Rheology of Pharmaceutical Suspensions
• Optimising and Forecasting the Filling Behaviour of Coatings
• Liquid Based Temperature Control Considerations
• Measurement of a Ceramic Slurry
• Rheological Analysis of Powder Coatings

News & Views
• New Website Going Live in May 2011
• Company News – New Addition to the Canine Team
• Exhibitions – 32 APS – Review
• Exhibitions – WA Conference
• Exhibitions – Paste 2011
• Exhibitions – AUSPLAS 2011
• Contract Testing

Product News & Industry Applications
• New Product – Fogging Tester
• New Product – Refrigerated Bath
• New Product – Process Viscosity Sensors
• New Literature – Twin Screw Extruders

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