RheoTalk Dec 2011 - March 2012In this issue:

Technical Papers
Rheological Investigation of Starch Swelling, Gelatinisation and Retrogradation
Investigating Mixtures of Poloxamer
Investigation the Influence of Sodium Chloride on the Gel Point of Poloxamer Formulations

Monitoring the Output of Pharmaceutical Hot Melt Extruders

News & Views
Article – Continuous Granulation – Opportunities to Increase Efficiency in Pharmaceutical Production
Pharmaceutical Melt Extrusion – Most Frequently Asked Questions
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Viscometer & Rheometer Calibrations 2012
Schleibinger Update
Optical Control Systems 2012 Exhibitions

Applications Laboratory

Product News & Industry Applications
Conical Micro-Compounder for Hot Melt Extrusion
Online Polymer Analysis in Borealis Group
Surface Smoothness Test for Power Cable
Online Measurement of Contaminants on Polymer Pellets
New UV Module for UV Curing Measurements
Viscometers – A Brief Overview
Refrigerated Circulators Available for 48 hour Delivery
Viscometer for Mining & Construction Materials
Product Reports
Double Gap Geometry, Sample Hoods, Normal Force Option, Exchangeable Plates, Temperature Control Unit Peltier Cylinder, Spectroscopical Insight, Adapters, Flexible Holder
Film & Liquid Optical testing Systems
Extrusion – Cast & Blown Film Lines

Pellet & Powder optical Testing Systems

New Literature
Modular Universal Rheometer
Refrigerated & Heated Bath Circulators

Process Viscometers

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